Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Finally, I can think again!!! The time zone changes, late nights in San Fran and doses of Nyquil (I know, I know...I did swear them off, but then I got a cold on the plane trip and, well, they're back in my good books) had effectively thwartede any ability I might have possessed to create a coherent thought or sentence. I think I've managed to overcome the jet lag, no thanks to my weekend adventures though! And the cold is gone, gone, gone!

Right, so I've been in Oz for 6 days now. I think it's rained at some point during each and every one of those days. Not that I mind, it's like I'm back in Edinburgh (minus the bloody hills and men in kilts). A quick recap of what's happened (apologies, but am still lacking ability to be creative and witty - one step at a time as they say!):

Thursday - Arrive in Oz and am elated to be let in the country without a hitch (good thing I threw out that apple before I got to Customs!). Check into B&B then decide that I dont need a nap after my 18 hour flight. Opt for a quick rendevous into the City Centre, where I manage to get my visa label, tax number and mobile service sorted. Early to bed.

Friday - After much deliberation, I decide to check into Kangaroo hostel, even though I've already reserved a spot at another hostel (Tokyo Village). Turns out I made a wise decision as hostel is brilliant - more like a big shared house, with mostly long-termers and mostly guys. Meet with Scott, whose room I will be living in for the next month. We sort out details and then I open a bank account. So easy compared to the UK.

In the evening, I FINALLY meet my name twin (note to self : check off from list of 101 things to do). We are both a bit under the weather (me with a cold, him with an skiing injury...yes, I did say skiing....they do get snow in Oz !!)

Saturday - Lunch with Scott and some of his mates - Dim Sum in Chinatown. They should call it Dim Yum!!! Random wandering in the afternoon, somehow manage to buy an item of clothing.

Saturday evening is night out with fellow hostellers, beginning at a pub with cheap but good food and ending at a bar with just cheap..not good. Pause to pose a rhetorical question - Why do Irish people always seem to find their way to the most Irish sounding pubs/bars when they are away from their homecountry? On the roster this particular night: Paddy MacGuire's, Three Wise Monkeys and Scruffy Murphy's.

Sunday - Oh how glorious sleeping in can be. Print off coupons for free gym trials around the city..this way I can avoid committing to one for a littel while. I feel like a promiscuous gym-goer who is afraid to settle down for fear of what she will lose. What I stand to lose is A LOT of money. One quote for a month-long gym membership was $180!!

Sunday evening = Pirates of the Carribean Part Two. Not fair!!!!

Monday - Job search officially begins. Only slightly successful, but haven't given up hope quite yet!!!

Tuesday - Moved into new flat and went to the gym. That is all I did

I am tired...so so tired.



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