Friday, June 09, 2006

A new day, a new blog. This time, I vow to actually post regularly and I have just the write incentive - a partner in crime. And yes, that misspelling was intentional. You see, this new blog is intended to be a place for Danielle Jakubiak (fellow K-towner, fellow adventurer and all-round brillant person) and myself to share our writing.

It all began when I was sorting through my very very old papers and came across a masterpiece of literature co-written by Danielle and I for Mr. MacFarlane's grade 9 class. I put it in a manila envelope and postedit off to Danielle, who is currently living it up in Montreal and working crazy hours at the Fringe Festival there. In a note accompanying the masterpiece I suggested to Danielle that we hand off new writing to each other every time our paths cross. Of course, being rather wanderlusty, our paths don't cross all that often, thus I'd deduced it was the perfect exercise in combining procrastination and commitment to my writing. I did, however, know that we would be crossing paths on July 5th in London, England. I would be shacking up in the UK for the summer months, and Danielle would be passing through on her was to Istanbul.

Well, as fate would have it, I recently learned I would not, in fact, be shacking it up in England for the summer (see previous 2 or 3 posts) and so, through the magic of MSN Messenger, Danielle and I decided that perhaps we should pass off writing via the Internet. What a brilliant way to make me write - there's nothing like a bit of peer pressure to meet the 'once a week posting' rule to get the juices flowing! It also helps that I still have no job and am now sans a vehicle as well (due to the fact I didn't think I'd be back in Canada for a loooongg time)

Anyways, enough prelude, this isn't a kiss after all, it's just a link to the blog of Shanielle and Dannon.

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