Thursday, June 29, 2006

Holy COW (that one's for you Shannon M Courtney !) What a bloody busy week it's been. I can't help but think about how much time I wasted in the three weeks prior just sitting here wondering whether I was going to be allowed in Australia. BUt I really don't have even have the time to think about things like that.

So, it turns out that I can actually accomplish quite a bit in a short amount of time when pushed to do so. In the past week I've booked my flights to Australia, booked two hostels in San Fran (will cancel one), booked a B & B for my first night in Sydney, been actively seeking out a flat/house to stay at while in Sydney, got a refund from Wal-Mart for a laptop carrier (the strap broke after a week..while I was at the airport in Glasgow, being sent home), had a meeting with an author about my writing (did not go over so well in my opinion), cleaned my room and the guest room, and did a whole bunch of other things that weren't exactly productive, but were quite fun!! (will get back to that topic in a moment..)

The official flight details are as follows (in case you want to say goodbye to me at the airport!):

Depart Halifax at 6.35 am on July 7. Arrive in San Francisco at 11.40 am on July 7

Weekend spent having a brilliant time on the west coast of US and hoping an earthquake does not strike!!

Depart San Francisco at 9.30 pm on July 11. Arrive in Sydney at 8.30 am on JULY 13!!

Yes, that's right folks , I am skipping a day in the life of Shannon. During the 18 hour journey from San Fran to Oz, we must enter hyperspace or something much more benign (like the int'l dateline) because we end up skipping a WHOLE day.

Ah, but it'll be worth if for all that I will encounter upon arrival in Australia. For instance, I might have the fortune of encountering one of the 10 deadliest snakes on Earth, all of which are native to the land Down Under. Or perhaps, while I am resting up from my long flight, a cute little spider, like the funnel web, will cozy up with me and give me a venomous (and potentially fatal) bite. Oooh, or maybe when I'm out in the ocean, cooling off from the heat of the day, I'll find myself withing stinging range of the most deadly creature on earth -the box jellyfish. Yes, indeed - missing a day on Earth in return for such adventure is surely worth it no?

OK, admittedly, when I decided to go work/holiday in Australia for a year, I didn't really do my research. I never have actually been much for researching a place before I arrive. I like surprises! But I prefer surprises like delicious chocolate (the UK) and lush green landscapes (Ireland) and male strippers on sandy beaches (Spain). Not so keen on surprises that have a lethal bite/sting/touch.

Methinks I best invest in some v. v. good travel/medical insurance. God knows I'll probably need it.

Right, now back to a replay social life in past week. And yes, oddly enough, I've had one. The hullabaloo started last Wednesday - drinks (perhaps too many) with a guy from Ontario and his medic friends. Thursday I tried to recover then went to trivia w/ Patrick and a few of his friends. One of them was a TV/Movie/Music genius and the ONLY reason we were first after the first round. Friday I took it 'easy' and Saturday night went out on the town with Denise M. and met some guys from NL who were here playing golf. One of them sounded authentically Irish. It was quite funny actually. Probably b/c I'd had enough wine andvodka that everything seemed funny.

Sunday I went to the movies w/ my dad then we took a leisurely drive through Malpeque and down into Cavendish, where we had a lovely dinner at the Boardwalk, then home for a nap and, well, the rest of the evening was well spent.

Monday I hung out with Adam, who just returned from 6 wks in Botswana and had tales to tell. We went to the gym, ate lunch and then I thought I had plans for the evening, but they were and I hung out some more and ate some more. He will be the death of my diet I swear!

Can't even remember what I did Tuesday, but last night I went out for coffee with father again and to the movies. Tonight = more eating and drinking! Again with Adam.

Who knows what Canada Day weekend will bring? Hopefully lots of good company and a few good memories from my last weekend :)