Saturday, April 29, 2006

So I've made it to the Burgh of Pitts (Penn State). My 'vacation' has gone swimmingly so far. Note the quotations around the word vacation indicate that I question whether one can really go on vacation when one is unemployed. To be fair, though, this trip has had all the makings of a vacation, from lying on the beach to overeating on a daily basis to getting lost and trying new things. Anyhoo, a quick recap (quick by Shanadian terms anyways!)

Monday (As in Easter Monday): Leave for Orlando fromHalifax airport. Nothing too crazy to report - I ate all the Easter candy I had bought at the Bulk Barn and then felt guilty. Arrived in O-town, FL just in time to hit the sack at my hotel

Tuesday: Meet up with Ko, fellow road-tripper whom I met during my February escapades in Orlando. The irony is that he is friends with the American dude who I was originally planning to come down and see! We pick up the rental car ( a classy white Corolla) and hit the road headed for Miami. I learn early on to be extremely grateful for Ko's driving skills because, well, evidently I lack the balls to drive on Interstates and Turnpikes where everyone is going at least 70 mph and there are only a few car lengths between these speed demons.

We land in Miami late afternoon and meet Ko's friend Roger (v. cute & single bartender originally from New York). Roger takes us to Le Tub, which is this litle restaurant perched on a bay that became really really famous recently when Oprah decided to rave about it on her show. Afterwards we went to Hollywood Beach which is this nice strip of sandy beach with a boardwalk and shops and restaurants right on teh beach. I ate Mahi Mahi. I didn't learn until after that Mahi Mahi is dolphin.

Wednesday: Ko & I hang out at Hollywood Beach for a wee while then head to the airport to pick up Schemida. We then return to the beach and have margaritas while watching hot guys and not so hot guys walk by. Schemida and I head to her relatives' house with me at the wheel - I fear for both our lives once we hit the Turnpike, but somehow we survive and are welcomed with yummy curry dinner are big smiles from Schem's mom, uncle and two aunt. We take it easy in the evening.

Thursday: We head to the Everglades(an hour south of Miami) and take an airboat tour (amazing)!!. We then watch alligators being fed and learn a bit about some of the snakes that are indigenous to the area. I then proceed to allow a snake to be placed around my neck. Afterwards we have dinner in Florida City and I try alligator as an appetizer - yummy!!! We then head the the Florida Keys to catch the sunset from an island. We made it through Key Largo and saw the pink sunset from a cozy cove on the Isla Morada. I could definitely live in the keys...something about island life really appeals to me :)

Thursday night I head out with Ko to the bar where Roger works - Studio A. Proceed to drink quite a bit and dance the night away. Turns out being a short-haired female at this particular bar may have marked me as something I am not. Ah well, it was v. fun!!

Friday: Our beach day!! After a stupid detour to the Hertz agency (b/c I had to add on insurance for fear of being sued if we got in an accident), we landed on South Beach and set up for an afternoon of relaxation. Ah, and relaxing it was...the water was a clear blue and the sand a light tan colour. And yes, there were plenty of beautiful people!

Eventually we left our little oasis and checked into our hotel. Schem & I had decided to get a room in South Beach so we could party it up then just stumble home. We wandered down the art deco strip and then got ready for a night on the town. We ended up going to a place that was rather pretentious in my opinion - the cover was $20 and there wasn't even a dance floor!!! And then - this is the kicker - a vodka & diet coke cost $11!! So, as it turned out, the evening was OK, but did not live up to expectations...

Saturday: After waiting one and a half hours for Ko to pick us up from the hotel, we did some shopping in South Beach - mostly window shopping as there is no way I would bay $90 for a pair of cotton shorts. (See: Lincoln Road Mall). After too much shopping we headed to Haulover Beach, which is a beach where one could get a really really great tan if one so desired. Schemida and I opted to remain untanned, while Ko undonned everything and wandered up and down the beach. We had a lovely meal and later that ngiht we went to downtown Ft. Lauderdale with the guys..for a few minutes only, but I def. liked it better there than in South Beach...where everyone had seemed so fake.

Sunday: More beach!! And chimichangas on the boardwalk, then a meal with Schem's relatives and a final drinks on the beach with Ko & Roger.

Monday: Roadtripped it back to Orlando, checked into our hotel and then headed for Port Canaveral where we had reservations for casion cruise (free!!). Five hours on international waters and my first time in a casino. It was full of old men and smoke. I went in willing to lose sixty dollars. I played BlackJack,ost $30 out of $40 and then cashed out. Later on I decided to give lady luck another try and won back $25 dollars. I walked away from the table then even though it was tough to do so. So, I lost $5, which is better then losing $100 like Ko's friend, Wayne, did, but not as good at winning $175 like Ko did!

Tuesday: Schemida and I hit up Universal Studios and had an awesome day! We got soaked on a rapids ride and got to do some other rides I'd missed in February. That evening we took it easy and watched American Idol.

Wednesday: Met up with Jen in Downtown Disney and proceeded to have the BEST sandwiches EVER at Earl of Sandwich!! We then lazed teh afternoon away until Jen & I decided to hit up teh Polynesian Buffet at one of the Disney resorts - the food was to die for - it was all served to out table by Cousin Jeff and he even brought us a wheelbarrrow so we could be hauled out of the restauran at the end of the meal. That evenning we went to Chillers bar and I proceed to dance my butt off big time. THere was no point in sleeping that night since I had to catch my sirport shuttle at 5.50 am.

Thursday: Headed to Pittsburgh on early flight with a stopover in Cleveland. From Cleveland we took a propeller driven plane with about 18 seats. I was slightly fearful. I prefer jets I decided. Landed in Pittsburgh and slept the afternoon away at Emilys. When she arrived home we went to Olive Garden for dinner then had daiquiris at her apartment with a couple of her f

Friday: We headed to Farmington, PA to check into a very posh spa for the day. This was Plan B ..Plan A had been to go to Hershey, PA but the drive was too long. I got a $75 massage, worked out, swam in teh poool, enjoyed the hot tub and felt extemely pampered. ANd then we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Thursday night we headed out with some of Em's friends to PEgasus - my first gay bar experience! It was great to be able to just dance without being groped or self-consscious about who was checking you out. Plus, the drinks were reasonably priced and there was an adult entertainer who did some crappy dancing with a leather thong on.

Saturday: Slept most of the day, then hung out at Emily's cool coffee shop while she worked. Caught a movie for a couple of hours and then had some free hot chocolate! And now I am at Emily's while she is out at a bonfire party..I just wasn't able ..too much partying for me this trip!!!


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