Sunday, April 16, 2006

I am going to Orlando tomorrow! I am going to Miami on Tuesday! Yah!!! Hello South Beach, goodbye yucky rain and boring days !!!! I can't believe how much I did this weekend - I am exhausted just thinking about it, not to mention about 4 pounds heavier due to how much I ate this weekend :( Oh well - I am making up for it by bringing a set of free weights with me and two sets of workout clothes. What could be more fun than going for a jog on the beaches of Florida? Except maybe sipping margaritas by the beaches in Florida...

Anyways, I am waaaayyyyyy too tired to be writing anything coherent. I already did two freaking book reports's amazing what one can do when one has deadlines looming.

I'm over and out for now. Catch ya when next I have the desire to get on a computer!

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