Sunday, March 26, 2006

I am listening to harpsicord music and while I'd love to say it's melodic and simply is not. It was for the first ten minutes, but now it's just stringy. Really really stringy. Gotta love the public library music selection.

Life on PEI is getting more interesting by the day. Of course 'more interesting' is a relative term, so by most people's standards (including my own), I'd say the term 'interesting' may be slightly misleading. Oh, I know, how about 'dynamic'? Hmmm...nope, that's still too generous a descriptor. OK, how about 'socially accessible'?
Yes, yes, I think that will do. PEI has become more socially accessible to me in the last week.

Why? you might ask (if you were bored)? What changed? Well, well, let me tell you. The return of one great friend and an introduction to a new and equally awesome friend were the main factors.

So, first I discover that Daniell J is back on PEI, in K'town to be precise. Fresh off a six month contract with a cruise ship (poor girl had to cruise around the Mediterranean and then Carribean), she's in the same state as me (roughly): no job, no definite plans for the future and a lot of time on her hands. As the saying goes...Boredom loves company. OK, so that's not exactly how it goes, but you get the idea!

So we head to Baba's on Sunday night for a beer/wine and catch up session. I can't believe I've never been to Baba's before..I don't know how that happened, it just did. Anyways, loved the little bar and loved the male to female ratio. We ended up playing trivia because, well, we were there. The Ktwon Kool Kowgirls (KKK for short) did not do too badly either - 3rd place!

Tuesday Adam called me up and asked if I wanted to go see V for Vendetta at the cinema. Now, excuse me for jumping to conclusions, but with a title like that, I just presumed it would be a horrible konw a 'guy' movie with lots of blood and blond girls and absolutely no plot. Well, good thing I had a second thought and realised Adam had better taste than that. He really does. In fact, when we go to the movies he usually suggests one, and I dismiss it and we end up going to my pick, which ends up being crap. And then I hear everyone raving about the movie Adam had suggested. So we went. And I loved the movie. The plot was brilliant - it was remniscient of 1984, but the paralells to today's America were, in my opinion, quite pronounced. And now I really really want to read more about Guy Fawkes. Remember, remember the fifth of November...

Wednesday I hung out with Danielle, her bro, his girlfriend and Tony, the couch-surfing Aussie from Melbourne. We had a brilliant time and I ended up at Baba's for the second time in a week!! It was open-mic night..unlike trivia night, we opted not to partake. There were some good singers there though!

Friday evening I went out with Danielle & Tony again.this time to the Olde Dublin. It was a pretty quiet evening..I guess everyone was at Great Big Sea or maybe on spring break vacation? Anyways, it was enjoyable company and conversation so all was good.

Saturday was the routine morning workout and then in the afternoon I picked up Tony and we hung out with Mom & Jim on the deck all afternoon. The sun was shining, the beer was flowing and the topics of conversatoin!!! It was brilliant. We talked about the substance abuse of sugar. I polished off a bag of licorice, a tube of SweetTarts and then a tube of Lovehearts, just for good measure. Tony had quite a micture of substances and,well, the poor guy did not represent his country v. well. I believe it was midway through our lovely dinner of Salmon & potatoes that he got a wee bit dizzy and had to take a time out. In the washroom. In his defense, he did come round quite well about an hour later.

Today I did my best to work off the candy consumed in yesterday's sinfulness. I spent all afternoon trying to book hotels in Florida and then went for mediocre Chinese food with MOm & JIm.

Like I said, it was a socially accessible week. I daresay it was even great fun!!! I hope it keeps up! It will as long as Danielle is around! Road trip with the Aussie planned for Tuesday :)