Sunday, February 05, 2006

OK bear in mind this post is being written by a semi-sick, slightly tired and all-round confuzzled gal. So, yeah - if it doesn't make sense, well there ya go. And if it does make sense, well there ya go.

Yeah, so since I last posted life has been rather surreal, boring and exciting. Go figure. A quick recap of the week in chronological order:

Monday = Happy Birthday to Mom!!! I spent the morning working out and getting errands done.The afternoon was dedicated to making a birthday meal: Malaysian chicken stew with sweet potatoes over a nest of couscous and a high-fat, delicious carrot cake!!

Tuesday = I conciously decided to be lazy. It worked pretty well, no complaints here!

Wednesday = Blizzard. So I stayed home, exercised and wasted the day away. I was extremely disappointed to miss my Creative Writing class, which was cancelled. I have now missed 3 out of 4 classes and 2 of those were entirely cancelled.

Thursday = Super busy day in town. I tested out the boxing bag at the gym and punched up a sweat to classics such as Eye of the Tiger and Survivor. I'm so cool. Following tough workout I went to see Alison (the nutritionist) for first time in 2 & 1/2 weeks. I didn't hold out much hope. I'd gone off the plan quite a few times over that period and was majorly stress eating (you know, due to job loss and other things). Anyways, it turns out I gained only a quarter of a pound, which I was actually happy with!! Had lunch with Keri, got my hair cut and dyed, visited my co-workers at the MRO and then did my second workout of the day! After I got home I watched Dancing with the Stars. Uh oh - I now have 3 freaking shows I don't want to miss each week (American Idol, Desperate Housewives and Dancing with the Stars).

Friday = A random day at home. I actually went for a walk outside (4km) because it was warm enough to. I also turned all woodswomany and carried some wood in for the fireplace. So it turns out I'm not completely girly!!

Saturday = Workout in the morning, visited the Farmer's Market (it took all my willpower not to buy the mini-donuts!!) and met with Tash and Thomas, my Disney accomplices!!! I am getting totally psyched about the trip now :) In the evening I headed out for a night on the town (see, I told you it was a surreal week!!) Joined Keri & Becky Rogers at the Olde Dublin pub which was filled with really old people and really young people. Seriously - where did all the mid to late twenty year olds go? Oh wait, I know. Somewhere more exciting or to the altar. It was a fun night, but I guess I screwed my sleep system up cause I couldn't get to sleep for an hour and a half after I went to bed.

Anyhoo, that brings us to today. I woke up pretty late and was all achy and coughy. Jim has pneumonia and a cold and it seems I may have picked up the cold, but I'm crossing my fingers that my immune system is strong enough to fight back. I absolutely HATE being sick and there is no way I am missing my writing class on Wednesday or heading to Florida with a cold.

K -so about the surrealness of the week. I can't really divulge a lot of info, but let's just say the mail has been kind to me, especially the overseas mail. So much so, that I could, and probably will, go live/travel around the UK & Ireland for a month or two....

In other surrealness - I've found myself doing something I promised I wouldn't do. Sigh. Some days I hate email. But I guess you can't undo what's done and there's no room for regret, so will just have to hope for the best.... so yeah. Hmmm. OK, enough about that. No regrets right?? Right!!

Check this site out if youre planning to do any travelling at any time:

Yeah -w ow - exciting post that one.Don't say I didn't warn you. It's boring, I know.