Thursday, December 15, 2005

Raffi is singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas. I love Raffi, Canadian children's troubadour extrordinaire. I've never been particularly keen on autobiographies, but my father gave me Raffi's a few years ago and I'd have to say it's one of the best books I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

Anywho, yesterday was a no-go-to-work day, due to snowfall and wind warnings that deemed it rather unwise to venture out on the roads. Especially in a Toyota Echo. No, really, the Department of Transportation specifically said "If you are driving a tin can, we highly recommend that you do not go anywhere in your tin can today. It is almost guaranteed to be blown off the road." So me and my tin can stayed safe, nestled in at 3376 Long Creek, with the fire blazing, the Christmas tree lit and Mom hacking away her cold and strep throat.

Now, could there have been a worse time for me to be impaired from driving to work? Of course not. Yep, that's right folks, the skills of a twenty-something were rather in high demand this week at work, so, byt the beauty of technology, I was able to get some work done from home and finally made it to the office today..just in time for my scheduled lunch.

In other food related news - I made fudge yesterday. It took me approximately five minutes from start to end. Bless microwaves, bless chocolate. Chocolate-Walnut was the flavour of the day. I''ll have to take the word of my taste testers that it was good, since I was not allowed to sample even a morsel! I made it for gifts, in going with the whole 'less consumption, more sharing' idea. As if any of us needs more food in this part of the world. but anyways....

Random self-observation of the day - I lose things a lot. By a lot, I mean all the time, and by lose I mean misplace. Because, of course 90% of the time I eventually find them..sometimes in the weirdest places. The problem is, in the meantime, I tend to drive myself and everyone else around me nuts. Lindsay & Kelly can atest to this - I am sure they remember when I lost my teal halter top and turned the flat upside down looking for it. I was almost convinced the mouse had decided it would make a nice nest and somehow towed it to a secret hiding place. I found it a few days later tangled up in my freshly laundered sheets. Whoops.

Anyways, tomorrow night Grand Theft Bus is playing at the Wave and I SO want to go, but wouldn't it have to be PEI, where I can STILL count my friends on one hand plus and extra thumb, and all but one have confirmed their lack of availability. Oh,e xcept Tash who will arrive late with her Navy commrades....

ANyways, will keep my fingers crossed and keep harassing people. Sigh.