Saturday, December 10, 2005

Achoo! OK, so it's Saturday evening and I should be getting ready to go to a movie with my father. I was supposed to go with him last night, but delayed because a rare occassion occurred - a friend (one of the four I ahve here on PEI) invited me to a movie. Anyways, Adam and I went to see A History of Violence last night after a few drinks (the diet stuff for me, the draft stuff for him) at the Churchill Arms. It was a pretty good film..very graphic scenes of violence and sex. One woman who was old enough to know better had a child who could have been no more than ten with her. Good grief. It was definitely an 18 and over movie.

Anywho, this morning I went to aerobics as usual. Afterwards I was meant to meet the guy I met a Cultarama for a coffee. The thing is... I had decided at some point last night that I didn't want to go. I am just not interested in being pursued right now (there are exceptions to this rule, but they won't be disclosed until an exception occurs!) Anyways, so I was going to cop out on this guy, but to my great fortune, he copped out on me! Hey, I gave him five minutes grace and then walked. When I got home, it looked like he had called me earlier than our meeting time, probably to cancel. All's well that end well!

We picked up our Christmas tree on the way home. Heading out of Ch'town I pointed out a sign to Mom that read "Fur Trees for Sale". Seriously. Um..yes I'll have a fox fur tree please. I suppose it could have been could have been "Fur Trees for Sail". One fox fur tree setting sail for the Land of Poor Spelling please.

Anywho, about midway through the afternoon I began to feel a bit queasy and then a bit tired. Now I have a headache and absolutely no energy. I am taking echinecea and going to sleep copious amounts tonight. I refuse to give in to any virus that tries to tie me down!

On that note, will return to blogging when better able to write and think. In the meantime check out the Liberal campaign website, where the PM's speechwriter, Scott Feschuk is delivering hilarious, light entertainment via his Blackberry Blog. I'm sorry Becky R, but you have to admit it, the Tory blogger has nuttin on the Grits'. But I digress, I shouldn't be talking's not my bag, it's just that I am now part of that world. And, I supopse as a Canadian citizen I have to right to express my opinion - namely that, above all, I fear the leadership of a man who resembles the Grinch, thinks every problem in Canada can be solved by tax cuts, and who believes decisions regarding things like Same Sex Marriage should be decided by Parliament and NOT the courts of law. Um, yeah, well if that's the case we might as just dissolve the courts of law, get rid of our public broadcaster, do away with a bunch of our freedoms & rights as citizens, and call ourselves the 51st State.

Yes, I am completely aware of how biased and over the top that previous paragraph was. I apologise, blame it on the echinecea.

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