Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Well, that's me back on good ol' PEI! Flight was pretty non-eventful - highlight of the trip was not having to pay ANY excess baggage despite being two times the limit! Ah, gotta love complacency , it saved me $100 or 50 pounds (back to keyborads with $ sign so reverting to this currency)! Also, I got to spend the entire flight catching up with Natasha instead of watching mediocre movies. I did buy the headset but didn't end up using it. I also did not end up starting Harry Potter. Whoops. Ah well plenty for time for that now.

OK, well I haven't been home long enough to have contemplated my time in Edniburgh or be reflective..I'm not even sure its a post anyone wuold want to read, but i"'ll probably write it anyway.

For now I am just going to go out and enjoy teh sunshine and heat and maybe haev some fresh corn on the cob!

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