Thursday, September 15, 2005

And so it is....just like I thought it would be. I am home sweet home - a bittersweet state of limbo between where I was and where I am going. Bitter because I've left a life, a home and some of the most fabulous people one could wish to know. Sweet because, well, PEI will always be home, familiarity is sometimes a comfort we take for granted and because my family is here and they are all such wonderful company. No really, they are. I actually like living at home. How crazy is that? But it's nice to be in a house again, its even nicer knowing that my respective elders pretty much take me as I am :)

Anyways, I've only been home for four days and, in some ways, it has been extremely easy to settle back into life on the Island.

For instance, my first full day back and I was already at the AFC signing up to reduce the size of my gut and butt! So far I have stayed clean - no candy, chocolate, fatty foods or eating. According to the scales this has already resulted in 2 pound weight loss! I have no intention of easing up on the workout sched or eating plan. I am in it for the long haul!

I also popped into the School of Business to catch up with some familiar faces. It was great seeing everyone again, especially the 2 Js - Joan & Janet :) Two very inspiring women !

Gettingback on the road was a piece of cake, although looking at the gas prices was not so enticing. They have gone up almost doublefold since I left. Holy shite. PEI dearly needs a public transit system. It seems ridiculous to me that they spent $1 Billion to build the Bridge, yet have no public transit system whatsoever.

Ah, but there are those tricky little things I have to get used to. In Edinburgh I trained myself to walk across the streets with the flow of traffic -s ometimes this meant standing in the middle of the street while traffic whizzed by in both directions. I tried the same trick on Queen street only to find a driver come to a dead stop to let me walk across. And I keep saying 'cheers' and 'falt'. I can't help it, it just comes out!

OH - and there is no one left. Everyone I ever really knew on PEI is gone - with the exception of Rana, Natasha and (maybe?) Adam. So, yeah - no trivia crew, no Kelley Building crew. So I am thinknig fast on my feet about how to keep myself entertained and avoid being completely lonely. AS a first attempt, I went to dance classes last night- Scottish & English Country dancing! It was SO fun and I met some really nice people of all ages. So I am definitely keeping that up.

OK - time for a list or two - I haven't done one of those in awhile!

Things I Miss About Edinburgh (or anticpate missing in the near future)
  • Friends to do things with - Brandon, Anne, Grand, Ailbhe, Margaret, Beth, Helene, Derek, Michelle, Gary & Rachel and, of course, all those who left before I did - you know who you are!
  • Things to do - Like quiz nights, ceilidhs, hot chocolate at Garfunkels, wandering the city until a candy shop appears at your feet, dancing until all hours, going to the park for lie down
  • Being able to walk everywhere or use public transit
  • Being a two minute walk from Tescos
  • Being able to add up the cost of a purchase in head without needing to remember to add on 17% tax
  • Having a steady income from a job (it should be noted I do not mis the job itself!)
  • My mobile and texting!
  • All the nice-looking youngish men
  • The anononimity of it all
  • The regulars - Walk About, Drop Kicks, maybe even Filthys!
  • The chocolate & candy & Woolworths pick n mix

Things I Will Not Miss About Edinburgh

  • The small washing machines and fridges
  • Our flat guest - Mr Mouse
  • Being a two minute walk from Tescos
  • The cobblestone streets - nice to look at, a killer on the feet
  • Texting rules that I never learned
  • My job - enough said
  • The long , dark winters

Things I Love About Canada/PEI

  • I get to drive!
  • Bigger washing machines, a clothes line & dryer if required
  • A normal-sized kitchen that is fully stocked
  • Cheap gym memberships
  • Going to town and knowing I will likely run into someone I know.
  • The chocolate is not as good, so less tempting to indulge
  • The green, open spaces & peacefulness
  • The friends & people that are still here are fabulouso and so welcoming of a returnee
  • The peanut butter and salad dressing
  • Mom's vegetable garden
  • Desperate Housewives new season is on TV now waiting until the new year!
  • Tim Hortons - not that I visit it, but I know it's there if I ever feel the urge
  • last but by no means least - NO SMOKING LAWS!

Things I Am not So Fond of about Canada/PEI

  • The Island accent. I am sorry but compared to the lovely, lilting accents of the Scottish & Irish it's just not that pleasing to the ear
  • Having to figure out GST & PST - what taxes are on what items and how much more is it going to cost me
  • The lack of temp agencies & jobs in general
  • The chocolate, which is not as good as European chocolate
  • The lack of friendliness at pubs/bars - people are just way more amiable over in Scotland - especially the males. Maybe its because they've conumed five pints by teh time five o'clock rolls around. Who knows?
  • Genetically Modified foods - banned in Europe

K, that's all I have time for at the moment, but I'll be back in a wee while to post final thoughts on Edinburgh experience. Hope you are all enjoying your lives, whever they may be taking you!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,
Hope you are settling in well at home. Be sure to keep in touch - via email or by postcards! (notice the plural) :) Do you have my address?
Cheers, Brandon