Monday, February 09, 2004

Welcome to February, the length-challenged month of the year! Ah... but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. What other month could be so bold as to celebrate LUV with Shoppers Drug Mart items (no offense Jen) such as chocolate, flowers and cards? Ahem..yes..maybe that is a little bit of bitterness you detect...but I've given up chocolate and am more than content to enjoy Singledom while my age still defines it as socially acceptable (ie. I am not a cougar). So when a day comes along in the middle of the winter to tempt my taste buds and remind me of the romance lacking in my life...well..(insert Shannon Sigh).

Anywho, on to less self-pitying and more interesting topics (note, I’ve suddenly become keen on the idea of actually providing useful information and excuse my usual lack of rambling)...

According to the British Economist - Vancouver, Sydney and Vienna ranked as the top cities in the world to live in. Yes, the West coast really is the Best coast! I will make it there someday...just not as soon as I had planned.

Wanderlusts, backpackers, students and anyone who thinks transcontinental airfares should be affordable to all. I invite you to check out these (relatively) new airlines Canadian Affair and Backpackers Xpress (this site isn’t up yet). They offer discount flights to and from the UK to Canada, and to and fro the UK and Australia respectively. And will not be strapped to the outside of the plane, or required to bring your own supply of jet fuel. Alas, if only I’d known about these options a year ago...

Miss your favorite T.V. show? Want the real scoop on what happened? Check out Television Without Pity .

OK - well I’ve broken my self-imposed television diet....given that the weather has tended to be in the -30 to -40 Celsius range, I think it is quite justifiable. What is not quite as easy to defend is my choice of shows. First up on my list of must sees - American Idol. Anyone that knows my distaste for Britney Spears, the BackStreet Boys, silicone, the marketing of karaoke-style music and the recycling of classic songs made real by true legends is likely to find my affection for Idol perplexing. What can I say? I do too. Next on my list is a much more tasteful, funny, original and quirky show , Scrubs .Despite an amazing ensemble cast, prime time slot, refreshing style of humour and excellent music tracks, this show seems to have flown under the radar of many viewers. Ah, but this week Mr. Michael J Fox is making a guest appearance - go Canada.

Well, that’s it from this side of the world - where Janet Jackson is now getting more exposure than her bro, and George Bush is still not getting the exposure he deserves.

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