Saturday, February 28, 2004

Apologies for numerous typos of previous and future web log entries...

Forgive disjointedness of this particular web log...I plead cabin fever.

Well, that's it for apologies.

TGITEOF...Thank God It's the End of February. Yes, admittedly, my affection and tolerance for the cold, white stuff is beginning to wane, in direct correlation to the number of cancelled appointments and missed trivia nights caused by hazardous driving conditions. While I don't mind missing a visit to the doc, the opportunity to win a bar tab or Greco party pizza, and demonstrate savvy as trivia whiz..well, that is irreplacable (OK..admittedly it's all Matt in the whiz department....but I do provide plenty of the entertainment).

OK, well seems this blog entry is going to have a (mostly) 'Pop Culture' theme, so in keeping with promise to try and be slightly informative, I've added a link to Rotten Tomatoes, a fab movie review site. Speaking of movies...rotten or ripe..there seem to be plethora of potentially good pics coming out over the next few weeks including Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Starsky & Hutch and Hilagio (sp?). (See below my commentary on Academy Awards..saved it for the last, not because it is best, rather due to its 'rantish' qualities)

I place the weather wholely responsible for my additional television watching. Yep, that's addition to American Idol and Scrubs, I've added yet another two shows to my High Priority list (i.e., cannot be missed unless there is dinner invite that involves Thai food or potential job offer). OK, so I'm back to watching's not new to me.. just missed most of the last season while traipsing around Europe. Now there's only one show left - last night Rachel announced that she's been offered a new job....and it's in Paris. Ooooooohhhhhh, what a cliffhanger, they're really churning out the curveballs now aren't they? Whew, don't know if I can stand the suspense....but suppose I'll have to, because I'm sure they'll take forever to air the finale.

As for the other show..again, I am slightly embarrassed to confess that I watch this show so please don't make it any worse (ie - no comments svp). Right, so the show is called The Apprentice, and is basically a Survivor show for white-collars. 18 men & women, from all sorts of backgrounds vying to be sole Conniver so they can become President of one of Donald Trump's company's for a whole year.

Oooh..actually there's a third it's not on the 'Must Watch List' yet..but it's hilarious. 'Puppets Who Kill' airs on the Comedy Network every Friday at 11.00, hence it not being on 'must-see' list, but still, when you're snowed in, there's nothing better than snuggling up and watching as Cuddles becomes possessed by some creature from below, or Buttons tries to marry an old lady so he can swindle her out of $25 M..and yes, the title is very fitting...

Well, I got a great gift last week (for what occassion I'm not sure, but I don't ask questions when gifts are involved), a book entitled '50 Things You're Not Supposed to Know' It's a good read, I'm suspicious about just how much of it is accurate..but here are some of the things we're not supposed to know.....oh shite...actually, have just checked and would be copyright enfringement to list them here..and, being the law-abiding citizen I am, will have to just follow the rules...but if you're even slightly interested check out the Disinformation Company website.

Tonight is international potlach (or potluck as most people liike to spell it) night w/friends...what a treat! Will be a Thai/ Syrian/ Indian/ Irish/Canadian/Swiss night. The Irish and Swiss parts are my donation - soda bread and chocolate fondue..yum! And you know..speaking of food (a favorite past time..even though I am in CAA), Charlottetown has come a far way in terms of restaurant fare over the past few years ..the food and service around town used ot be pretty mediocre, and as for variety..well that was synomous with choosing whether you wanted fries or a baked potato with your dish. Some new restaurants that are worth checking out (so I hear) include: Out of Africa, Cafe Interlude, Cedar's (an oldie but goodie), Churchhill Arms and the Harbour House. Right, so eat, drink and be merry. On a slightly less enthusiastic note...they still don't have any place that compares to Ottawa's 'Oh so Good Desserts'..perhaps I will have to take initiative in this area.

The 76th Academy Awards air on Sunday (almost) live from Hollywood. The network's thrown in a 5-second delay, in case the award winners or some other nutter decides to do something off the streak across the stage (the goood ol' 70's) or use profanity in their acceptance (I'd like to thank the f*cking Academy and my s**thead agent for getting me here..Yeah, very plausible) I'm skeptical though..they say it won't be used to block out any political statements (aka Michael Moore's 'Shame on You Mr. Bush' speech of last year), but they say a lot and they are so very reactive, I just have my doubts...

Yes, apparently the charades of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake cannot be overlooked..they were in such serious contradiction to the usual standard of televsion viewing offered by CBS, or any of the other networks for that matter(except maybe Fox, because, let's face it, no one expects much in the way of standards from Fox.) Yep, the network producers were as shocked and appalled at the breast incident they've decided nothing can be broadcast live anymore (OK..that may not be true, but hey it'd be good news for President Bush, given that it's an election year and he'll be expected to participate in some 'live'debates. Hey, maybe his friends at NBC and CNN and CBS and Fox will edit the debates so he can prove he was really there and he really did carry out his duties as de-baitor).

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