Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Almost in Time for the New Year

For the past few years, instead of making a New Year's resolution, I've written down a list of goals to be accomplished throughout the year. I even break them down by theme - health, career, education, self-development, finances, etc. I then detail how I plan to achieve these goals. For example, I plan to follow a weekly budget for my variable expenses by using cash, a mason jar system, and by recording all my spending in a ledger. Sometimes, depending on the goal, I also break down steps by quarter-year, month, or week. I try to review my goals each month and identify ways to work towards my goals each week of the month.

All of this to say that I like to have goals and then I like to execute plans to reach them.

Yesterday was supposed to mark my return to the gym after a much-too-long hiatus. Tonight I was intending to hit the nutrition books in an effort to catch up on time lost over the busy months of November and December, when I was planning MEAL and getting ready for Christmas. January 3rd then, would mark the beginning of my 'Pursuit of 2012 Goals'.

It seems, however, that my body has different plans for me during this first week of 2012. I started to feel unwell around noon of yesterday, with a sore throat and general lack of energy. I let myself sleep for ten hours last night, in hopes of staving off any cold or other virus that might be trying to make an abode in my body. Alas, I still feel under the weather tonight and so, while I'm not physically well enough to hit the gym or mentally well enough to concentrate on details of vitamins, I figured I could at least blog about some of the things that I've been thinking/plotting as of late. As I enjoy lists, I think I'll make include some list-like features in the remainder of this blog.

1. I am planning to blog with more regularity this year, specifically, at least once a week.

My intention to blog weekly is motivated by a number of factors. First, and foremost, I enjoy writing. Well, actually that's a bit of a liee, writing is a love /hate relationship for me, but I'm hoping that by getting into the habit of doing it regularly, I might get used to staring at blank pages and just writing down whatever wants to come out. My creative writing teacher always said there were two ways to get better at writing: read more and write more.

I've also been inspired by my friend and nutritionist-in-training, Raeanne, who writes lovely posts about all sorts of nutrition related topics that I find fascinating and informative. I love learning, but I might actually love teaching even more! I want to make my blog educational, interesting and inspiring - a tall order, I realize, but I like to aim high.

My final incentive to blog more regularly is tied into another of my 2012 goals, which is to continue with my education in holistic nutrition. I started the 2-year distance ed. RHN program in October and have been finding it a bit of a struggle to learn solely by reading textbooks. I've decided I need some way to apply what I'm learning about fats, carbs, proteins, vitamins, etc. so that it will stick with me more. One way to do that is by teaching others, so I'm going to try to blog (maybe even video blog) about what I've been studying and hopefully, in the process, provide some interesting insights about health and nutrition.

2. I'm going to keep following my passions

If the last year has taught me one thing, it is that if you follow your passions, you will be amply rewarded in ways you never even imagined. I never anticipated that having a passion for local food could result in meeting and becoming friends with so many amazing people such as Shannon M., Soleil, Natalie, Megan, Randy, Mathieu, Jackie, Jared, Jen C., Amy & Verena, Raymond, Phil, and....well, the list goes on and on. I also had an amazing time being part of two MEALS - there was so much work involved in organizing them both, but it never really felt like work! And to top it all off, my penchant for wine took me to Moncton, where I met Mr. Wonderful at the Moncton Winefest (yes, we both still say on occasion 'Moncton? Really?').

This coming year, my nutrition studies are a major focus of continuing to follow my food passion. I am also contemplating the development of a food business, have applied to be a foodie writer for a local paper, and am certain that I'll be involved in more MEAL planning over the coming months. Stay tuned!

3. Eating and wellness are going to remain major focuses in my personal journey towards optimum health

No big surprise here, I'm on a continual journey to improve my health, both physically and mentally. This year I hope that my nutrition studies will help guide my eating choices, while I plan to try new exercises and maybe incorporate some meditation into my routine.

And now my bed is calling out to me. I can't wait until this sickness is gone!

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Raeanne said...

Love it all! Feel better soon. Lots of rest and Vitamin C (in case you didn't get to that vitamin in the text book yet, j/k).