Monday, September 15, 2008


This summer I neglected the person who needs me the most: me. Somehow, amidst the endless summer engagements, my manic workload, and the whole 'wrap up one life, begin another one' saga, I forgot to look after myself. And, as I found out the hard way, there are all sorts of repurcussions to getting caught up in everything that's going on 'outside' and ignoring what's going on 'inside'.

So here I am, settled into my new home in Kingston, Ontario and just starting to get comfortable with the idea of being a 'student' again. There is change, and then there is Change. This, I daresay, is a Change for me. Even more so than traipsing off to live in another country, this is me - turning the page on my future. Everything about the next page is so exciting. I have discovered I have a love affair with the unknown.

And while I'm turning pages, I've decided it's also time to return to myself, to start taking care of me again. Writing is like giving my soul a massage. I search for the parts that are knotted and stressed out. Then I knead it out, alternating between gentle rubs and deep digs. It's in the words I type onto a page, that I find blissful release.

Watch this space for more regular and much longer massages in the days, weeks and months to come.

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