Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Secret

It's the new year. I can't believe it. I never can, that's the absurd part. You'd think after 27 years it'd come as no big surprise that every 365 days we say another rotation of the earth around the sun has taken place. I'm going to skip the whole year in review - my Christmas leter will suffice and I might very well find myself on Facebook doing one of those ridiculous, but addictive notes re: 2007. Stay tuned for all the excitingness. Seriously, has anyone noticed that Facebook has basically turned each and every one of us into the star of our very own reality TV show. You can judge whether you'd be on Fox, ABC or TLC based on the number of audience members you have...erm, I mean friends. Right. I might just have to put my show on hiatus.

In any case, in lieu of rambling on about what 2007 brought me, I thought I'd talk about a secret. No, no not THE Secret that everyone rolls their eyes at or clutches their heart when they hear it referenced. THAT Secret is one we all find in our own way and our own time. No, mine is a secret about weight.

You see, since I returned from Australia in June I've lost a rather significant amount of weight. I like to say I was fat when I came home, but most people say I was chubby at most. Whatever. I was the heaviest I have ever been and it was bearing down on my self-esteem with dire consequences. OK, I exagerrate with regards to the 'dire' adjective, but trust me, it was distressing me to no end.

So it seems that nowI have lost enough weight that people are regularly noticing it and commenting. IT's to the point now where I have people asking me what my secret is. Ha. Normally I tel them the HALF truth, which is that I workout 8 times a week and follow a healthy eating plan developed by my nutritionist. But if I were to tell them the WHOLE truth it'd be more like: Go on a year long trip to another Westernized country, enjoy the food, drink lots of booze and have fun. Trust me, you're bound to gain weight. Then just come home, et back into your normal routine, eat well, exercise and..ta da! You'll be shrinking in no time.

Ah, but here's the rub - the real secret I've been keeping (except from people who regularly watch me eat)...I eat chocolate and/or candy on a daily basis. Seriously. I started eating it about a month after getting back home, promising myself that I'd stop the minute the scales started recognizing my weakness. They still haven't. That being said, I don't eat carbs with lunch or dinner and I have a lot more muscle mass than I ever did before. Maybe these things make a difference. Whatever, I don't care. I am just happy that I can eat a little chocolate every day and still lose weight :)

There, that's my really deep and very engaging post for the day. Truth be told, I am in the midst of a transition right now, one that I've imposed upon myself and which I know will result in big changes over the next year. Exciting stuff, but I can't write about it now.

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