Tuesday, December 04, 2007

When did THAT happen?

Apparently December has arrived. I didn't really take notice until this weekend, when the snow started to fall. And still it comes down, much to my surprise and delight. Yes, that's right, I've discovered that the perks of working at UPEI don't stop at getting first dibs on the leftover food from meetings and getting a 20% discount at the bookstore. Turns out we also get to, on occassion, shout out 'SNOW DAY!" along with all the kids.

So yes, I had a day off today. A gloriously plan-free day, something I've not had in a very long time (note this is opening line to backtrack of what's been going on in life to make me such a slacker-blogger). Right, so life has been extremely hectic as of late. Work itself continues to run along at a relatively decent pace most day, but my after-hours have been monopolized by self-induced, slightly stressful activities such as applying for scholarships to do grad studies, doing contract work for extra $ and experience, and finishing up my webcourse at UPEI. So yes, I may very well find myself in grad school come September, or maybe I'll have enough contract work to keep me busy w/o worries of a day job. Who knows? Right now I am keeping ALL options open. Nothing is out of limits, the possibilities are unlimited. I want to keep it that way for awhile.

In addition to the above, it seemed that November was chalk full of events that I felt obliged to attend. Oh, and I started volunteering with Junior Achievement which pretty much blocks out my Thursday nights until...March. But it's loads of fun and it turns out I absolutely love working with teenagers...at least the eager beaver ones that join things like JA! So, yeah, that's my poor excuse for not posting.

I thought the end of NOvember would spell some relief, with scholarship apps in and my course completed, but it seems I temporarily forgot that December follows November. And apparently there's a big birthday bash on December 25th that I have to get read for. This year I've decided to debunk commercialism as much as possible, so Im making my gifts this year. At least as many as I can before the deadline! Thusfar it's been an enjoyable pursuit, much more so than tramping through malls trying to find things that someone might like enough to at least pretend their excited when they open the gift! Let's face it, most presents are rather forgettable. The most memorable gifts I've ever recieved are the ones that family or friends have made for me.

Anyways, I should be working on those gifts right now. Or sleeping. Or reading Crime & Punishment, which I have to say I am loving so far. Phew. Parties galore this month. Thank goodness I've managed to shed most of my Australia weight just in time for the holidays. Which reminds me - should I be concerned when a random woman in the changing room at the gym comments on how much weight I've lost?

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