Sunday, July 29, 2007

Summer...At Last!!

Summer came late to PEI this year (I will refrain from commenting on the obvious reason for screwed up seasons and the such..), but it FINALLY arrived and in a big way. The past week has been FULL of sunshine and high temps (for East Coast Canada anyways!)

I heart my mountain bike, it's been a fabulous way to get around town since I moved in to Carvell Court and ceased constant reliance on using Mom & Jim's cars to get around. I find myself constantly impressed with how quickly I can get to places. It's so easy to just hop on the bike and roll on. Prime parking and no worries about being stuck in long lines at the lights. I have only two big beefs with the whole biking thing. Firstly, given my five-year relationship with a hairstyle that is not conducive to helmet-wearing, I find myself torn between protecting my vanity and protecting the contents of my head. Secondly, when it rains or gets dark I kind of miss having a car. Right now it's not a problem, but come winter and early nightfall I may have to find some other mode of transport...

The last week has been pretty busy. On Sunday I picked strawberries then went to the movies with my dad. Monday I made the hottest THai chicken curry I've ever had.

Tuesday I baked cakes - Carrot cake with cream cheese icing and chocolate cake with chocolate icing. They were for birthday celebrations at work and seemed to be recieved very well. Dawn even suggested I try selling Carrot Cake muffins at the Farmer's Market. I reckon my weight loss would not continue if I started spending more time in the kitchen, but we shall see, maybe I'll go all entrepreneurial with my sweets at some point - enough people have told me I should!

Wednesday I went to see Hairspray. What an awesome, uplifting film!! I guess I'm a sucker for any movie with song and dance, especially one that's set in the sixties.

Thursday I joined Keri & Dawn at the Charlottetown Driving Park for some exciting Harness Racing and betting. I only got there for the last race and lost $5.00. Sadly it wasn't like the Sydney Cup races, where I was treated to all you can drink booze and all you can eat food for an entire afternoon...The more I think about it, the more it becomes obvious why I gained weight in Oz...

Friday was fabulous. After work Adam picked me up and we went to Brackley Beach, specifically Robinson's Point, where there was no one else on the beach. Just us, a bottle of spiced rum, a cooler full of ice and a bowl of fresh pineapple. After watching an amazing sunset, we headed back into town for dinner at Chez Shannon's and while we were eating, a cat wandered in through the kitchen window. A cat that did not belong to the household. I tried to pick it up but it hissed at me, then it hissed at Adam then it realised it wasn't welcome and left the same way it came in. I am embarrassed to admit that we decided to head out for some dancing and ended up at the VU. Now, to be fair, we were planning to go to the much more classy Piazza Joe's, but it was shut down. So yeah, wow, the VU is something else.....

Saturday I picked Dawn up and we headed East, taking a nice drive up to St. Peter's Bay, where we walked along the beach then did a bit of shopping. Eventually we went to Mount Stewart, where we had dinner reservations at the Trailside Cafe. Nathan Wiley was playing at the cafe, so I thought it would be a brilliant chance for Dawn to enjoy some local music. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Wow. I have to write a list of my plans for the next few weeks, I don't know how I could have forgotten how busy it gets on PEI in the summer..So excuse me, while I write my little list, which is really more for myself than for anyone's enjoyment. Unless you enjoy lists, in which case, enjoy away.

Tuesday - CHANCES (5.30 - 6.30) and Short Films at City Cinema (7.00 - free!)
Wednesday - Drinks w/Ryan et al at Fishbones maybe?
Thursday - Meet w/al for drinks/trivia at Churchill Arms (tentative)
Friday - Family Reunion Meet & Greet in S'side
Saturday - Family Reunion BBQ at Cabot Park
Sunday - Day/evening at Mark & Rita's cottage

Wednesday (Aug 8) - Shawn's Strawberry Social
Thursday (Aug 9) - Ceilidh at Poole's Corner w/Cynthia and Dawn (tentative)
Friday (aug 10) - birthday celebrations & Andrews arrives!
Saturday - birthday celebrations w/family
Sunday - more Andrew time or drive up West w/ Dawn

Thursday (Aug 16) - Farewell Drinks for Dawn
Friday (aug 17)- NO WORK and Parade Day
Saturday (Aug 18) - Roadtrip to Halifax w/Rana

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