Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Just Spent Half My Remaining Budget on Two 2-Day Tours

Yes, that's right folks, I just forked over about $550 for two amazing experiences not to be missed in Queensland.

On TUesday I will board the Defender - a classic tall ship that sails the Whitsunday Islands. I will be onboard 2 days and 1 night. We'll be stopping on some of the islands and going snorkelling. We'll also be fed all our meals and get to help with the sailing if we want.

Further on down the coast I will be taking a 2-day one night trip to Fraser Island - the world's largest sand island, where beauty and dingos abound.

Oh, but what of a recap...I actually don't remember when I last posted, I think I was staying with Lynn & Aaron at the Nature Refuge, so I'll pick up from there. Right, so I left Bibinda and headed to Mission Beach for just one night of chilling out. I ended up having an absolutely BRILLIANT time - mainly because I ran into two people from......PEI!!!!! What are the odds??? Also, I actually KNEW one of them. Anyways, yeah a good time was had and I finally got to do something I've ALWAYS wanted to do...push someone into a pool. Of course, as was to be expected I somehow found myself being pulled in as well. Fully clothed.

I made it to Magnetic Island where I am currently shacked up at a great hostel/resort. Just back from a long hike which actually ended with some hitchhiking - we got picked up by a Mokie..which is a golf cart with some power. Tomorrow I get to hold a koala.

That's all for now folks

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