Sunday, February 04, 2007

Burning all Over

I have rope burn. DO you know how much rope burn hurts? A heck of a lot. And now my skin is blistering and peeling, a chunk has fallen off, leaving my raw flesh exposed to the elemens. Yuck. And how did I get rope burn? Yep, that's right, by being dense. It happened last week - Jo and I were taking one of her horses to a friend's place for looking after. When we arrived, we needed to get Sid off the float, so Jo gave me the rope lead and I stood in the float, facing Sid, while she opened the gate in the back. She had told me to hold onto him because he'd likely try to kick his way out. What she neglected to mention and I neglected to realise was that once the back door was open and she was out of the way, I could just let the lead go. So there I was holding on with all my strength as this half tonne horse backed up and pulled the rope out of my hands. Ow.

Well, aside from that injury I am also in a bit of self-inflicted pain, having done lots of exercise over the past couple of weeks. My legs ache most every day and this morning I woke up with sore ribs - still not sure why.

I'm half way through my horse/house sitting stint. So far, everything has gone well enough. I am enjoying the peace and quiet and taking this time to delve into some personal development and spiritual development with the aid of books and DVDs from Jo's collection. I'm also doing a lot of thinking (spurred on by the watching of DVDs) and trying to do some writing.

A couple of nights ago the lead story on the news was that scientists had finally concluded that humans are 90% responsible for the climate change that has taken place. Uh huh. Actually scientists have been concluding this for years now, it's just that the media, corporate world and governments have been ignoring it as long as know, until it is too late. I know I should be a bit happy that the world finally seems to be wakening up to the fact that this planet is dying, it's our doing and something needs to be done NOW, but I am not. I am not happy, because, in my opinion, the fact that the world is awakening to this crises and accepting it means it is too late to do anything to reverse it now. We are so shortsighted and reactive that it would seem, whenever we finally get around to acknowledging something, the flood gates have already been opened.

It is super hot here in the state of Victoria - in January they had a rainfall TOTAL of 25 mm. For the last five days the day time temperature has been in the 30s - it's been beautiful but too hellishly hot to spend any time outside. The horses, I am sure, must be suffering in the heat and of course, their food supply is more depleted than ever before.

On Friday night my neighbour invited me over for dinner, which was brilliant. Then I started thinking - in all the time I lived in Sydney only one of my friends invited me over for dinner. Oh sure, there were times we all went out for dinner, but that is different. Anyways, I like that about this place - Jo & Jason invite their neighbours over for dinner and vice versa.

Yesterday I drove into 'town' to do some grocery shopping. I was really hesitant about driving the massive Toyota Landcruiser, but somehow I managed to get to town and back without any hitches. Yay!!

Sometimes I worry about getting bitten by a snake. Sometimes I worry about being here all on my own. Mostly, though, I enjoy the moments for what they are.

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