Saturday, October 22, 2005

And so it is . . . I am going to Ottawa. It's funny because I told Raeanne back at the first of September that I would come visit her in Ottawa sometime during the fall (this was while I was still in Edinburgh and facing unemployment upon return to the Island). And now I am going for 'business'. My first business related travel!

So I'm staying at the Delta Ottawa , which is fine with me. They have a gym but, and this boggles my mind, they only have complimentary high speed internet access in the business suites! It's carzy how much Internet access costs in some places In Edinburgh I could only find two places that had free wireless internet access, in Charlottetown I am aware of at least six places. There's something to be said for the small town I guess - it's cheaper!

Last night I went on a shopping spree - one of those sprees where you just run through the store picking out clothes that might look good until yhou have a pile in your arms that is so high you can't see in front of you. That's what I did. I went to one store, picked out fourteen items and proceeded to spend $367 without trying a single thing on. That's just how I like to do my clothes shopping. Suffice to say, the only stores that get my business are ones with a return policy that includes refunds. Today I am bringing back about half the clothes I bought last night, but I am keeping the rest so I think I faired quite well.

I've been trying to avoid buying clothes as I am losing weight and don't plan to stop this trend any time soon. Ah, but work calls and one must look presentable when the workplace is Parliament Hill.

So off I go for some more shopping. It's a good thing I got that loan for my Echo, since I haven't actually been paid yet...

Mental note - make next post funny or at least attempt this feat! Too early in the morning for such craziness!

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