Thursday, April 28, 2005


Well, we made it to Valencia and I am currently siping Sangria at the Lounge, groovy little bar just down the street from our hostel.

First impressions of Spain - OMG - Why the heck am I living in Edinburg? and why did I wait so long to make this trip??

Valencia is gorgeous '- of course it would be, what with the palm trees, balmy weather and amazing architecture. The vibe and energy are also incomparable.

I have to say - this is what a holiday is all about and it is just what I need. Within five minutes of being here I suggested to Anne & Jen that we stay an extra night.

OK, OK, I know you are dying to know just HOW HOT it is here. WEll, let me tell you - it was hot enoguh that I had to wear a sarong and tank top. It was hot enough that I had to put sunblock on at 6 in the evening.g. I twas hot enough that we ate paella outside at 10.30 tonight. Yeah, it was 28 when we arrived. No wind whatsoever.

Other interesting things that have happened today, my first day on Spani & Ireland adventure-

We met an Irish guy on the bus from the airport - he walked us most of the way to our hostel. We didn´t get his name, but I´m putting bets on Paddy or Michael.

There are too many (yes, I said it) candy shops here. I will need a new wardrobe soon. very soon.

There is a river that used to rnu through the centre of Valencia , but it dried up and has since been turned into a massive park. So basically you have this amazing stretchof green running through the middle of the city. And then you have an amazing number of beautiful Spanish men running through the park. And they are all wearing short shorts. I know where I am having lunch tomorrow.

K..I would write more but am being anti social at a bar - so not cool! Will blog again asap.! Hope everyone is enjoying the weather in their respective corners of the world! 28 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are having a blast with your sangria's and your hot weather and your sun block and your beaches!! ;) Don't forget about us folk in rainy and windy scotland!!

Anonymous said...

Have a good time Daddy

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Roberto Iza Valdés said...
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