Monday, December 27, 2004

There is a blizzard warning in effect for the Island, oh, and a storm surge warning too, but no plans to go swimming or anywhere near bridges so should be ok on that front.

So, I am storm-stayed, thus making my visit home a completely Canadian experience. As an encore, perhaps I'll have a bottle or two of beer tonight and watch CBC.

Hmm am trying to decide between watching Lord of the Rings or Ghost or It's a Wonderful Life tonight.....

I am Home Alone..... no worries though. Will not be pulling a Macauly Culkin (Jen, I know I probably spelled that wrong - bad me!)

The most eventful thing that has happened yet today is that I ventured outside to, yet again, ensure the safety of wee Smudgee. Yes, yes, I did put him out earlier in the afternoon, but believe me I didn't want to. After a few vain attempts to call for him from the front door, I determined I would have to go out and get the Smudge.
It turns out the back door couldn't be opened because the snow had drifted up against it and I am very weak. Right, so after donning my marshmallow jacket, a toque, some ski pants, a scarf and some heeled winter boots (so practical), I made my way into the blustery whiteness. Finding Smudgee was easy, getting Smudgee to come out from under the patio was not so easy. I had to shovel out the back door as I knew immediately he would never make it as far as the front door. Anyways, I finally got him inside (woohoo me!!)

And that is as eventful as it has been. I don't mind, it is nice to be homebound with Elvis, Queen et al to keep me company and plenty of choclate to keep me from starving....ahem.

Right, anyway, I am going to try something new here..I am going to try to post a pic of me and my new man - Fred. He's a great dancer and very classy.

Hmmm..still working on that I guess...will get back to trying that later, plus maybe posting some new pics in my album.

Promises, Promises.....


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