Saturday, December 18, 2004

Ho Ho Ho!

Well, I've been 'home' for almost two weeks now. THe cruising speed of time seems to vary from day to day. When I have things to do and people to see (read - when I have a car at my disposal), time just flies by. When I am left to my own devices at home during the day, time is like the turtle..slow but surely passing. The trouble - I ahve been afforded waaayyyy too much time to think and of course, this has, in some instances, resulted in me bawling my eyes out. Perhaps this is a trend for girls that return from Scotland..if Keri would just get on board we'd be 3/3 in that department.

Anywho, I am not big into tears so I've decided to keep myself entirely too busy for the rest of my time here. If that means cleaning the house from top to bottom so be it (sidenote to mother - only using this for demonstrative purpose to show just how desperate I am to NOT think anymore!!)

Well, the past few days have been kinda sorta busy. I've been keeping to the gym routine of 50 mins cardio per day and, although I didn't plan it this way, my appetite has depelted substanitally..not for lack of good food mind you..let's jsut say I'm pulling a Keri type existence at the moment.

Got a chance to catch up with another like-minded traveller/not-sure-which=path=-he's-going-down-yet friend on Wednesday. It was refreshing to sit down and talk to someone who hasn't got it all figured out yet and know what 'maybe/probably that's a good thing - keep the options open for as long as possible'.

Wednesday night I went to the City Cinema with father to see I Heart Huckabees - hilarious, original, rather a nutshell - recommended..but only for quirky people...

Thursday - pull my hair out at home..contemplate actions that would be like taking two steps backward, become (yet again) entirely grateful that level-headed and very smmart Miss Jen is on Messenger to stop me from doing stupid thing....

Friday - Finally - out and about for the day!!! First the gym, tehn another visit to teh Kelly Building..refreshing and enjoyable conversation with an ENFP (you know who you are!!!), quick chat with other fabulous peoples at the Business School, then off to lunch with teacher/mentor for whom I am entirely grateful to have crossed paths with, because now I know where I want to make my career..or maybe more importantly that I don't want to waste my days running the rat race.

I was then meant to do Christmas shopping, but somehow found myself wandering nad meandering so that, in the end, I only had about an hour to shop and came out of that rather dismally..

Saturday (so far). Myrtle's step class. I wore my Snata Hat..I was not the only Santa, but probbaly the cuter one :) Some grocery shopping and then, once home, chocolate peanut butter ball making (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm). If anyone wants the recipe..just ask!!

Tonight I am going out..aside from the night I went to the Wave, this will be my first time 'out and about' since landing on PEI.I promises to be , if anything else, an interesting night and I am sure I will run into loads of people I has been the case since I got back. to sample those balls..........

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Jen said...

Ho ho ho!

Ahhh, my name gets dropped so frequently on your blog - how I heart it! Although, I must point out your 2/3 flatmates shedding tears is slightly inaccurate... I am, emotionally, practically a robot I have decided. If/when I cry I may short circuit. Thus tears have been non-existant for a remarkable amount of time. Except for once when I was chopping onion. That just bloody burned. (Must have been me short circuiting.)

Anyway, if you are looking for another place to clean may I suggest my room? In an effort to make myself feel "right at home" I have turned my room into a disastor zone, a la Jen's Room in Edinburgh. It's a talent; I just have yet to discover how I can turn it into a credible career. Maybe I will help vengful dumpees trash ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends flats. Yes, a brilliant idea. Now if you will excuse me, I have a business plan to write.