Thursday, December 02, 2004

I apologise for the length of the rant below, and for its lacko fdisjointedness..I had just come from a boxercise class - thus adrenaline was running, but hands were still shaking and mind has been in a muddle since the first part of November.

In any case..near the end I meant to say 'treated unfairly' rather than 'untreated fairly'..BIG difference :)

6.5 hrs of work left in this calendar year..well paid work anyway.

For the record - I miss you!


Shannon Courtney said...

Lack of disjointedeness??? what the ehck is that?? It appears I am doingno better today...sigh :(

Rob said...

Life sucks doesn't sometimes! Rants help I find

Home is pretty special. Have a good trip back and I hope to see you when you are here
Cheers Rob

Becky said...

Hey Shannon,

I'm working on that tan... ahhh... it will be heavenly... beachbound tomorrow I hope! Have a safe trip home and we'll catch up on the other side!

As for leaving Chch... it was awful. bottom line. But I shall return...

Anonymous said...

I was checking your blog today, and then realized that you were on you're way to PEI! So jeolous at this point... not because Ottawa is bad, only because I know that for me it is so close! Only 17 days away (not that I'm counting...) ok ok, if you want to get technical... 17 days and 1.5 hours til I'm in Moncton... which means about 17 days and 3.5 hours til I'm on PEI.

There, that was to remind you what a compulsive nut I am about these things. See you soon. rae

Anonymous said...

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