Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Well,the countdown is over and in a few hours we'll be on the road to Halifax and, essentially, a new life. By noon Tomorrow (GMT) we'll be in Scotland, land of castles, kilts and haggis!

Keri said it best when she said 'It's like hitting reset on life.' And it really is..shedding the 'student' status, leaving the homeland and becoming wanderlustd with tendencies to be an adult on occassion!

So, I did it and, personally, I think I deserve a medal for it. My hiking backpack is stuffed to the limit..honestly, not a single space of air has been left to waste. Ziploc bags are a traveller's best friend (travellers take note). Almost all of my clothes have a home in Ziploc city now. Am now beginning to understand how people could cnside me a bit of a planner... Anyway, backpack is one pound over restriction weight. Carry-on is also one pound over weight..yes, that's right, there is weight restriciton for it too (11 pounds). That's where thhe airline dings ticket cost $140 total, so they must be making their money on overweight luggages..Let's just hope they have enough fuel to get across the Atlantic... BUt I've had time to think about this carry-on weight restriction and come to conclusion that it is ridiculous because anybody lacking scruples or indignant about weight restriction (hello!) can always have a non-traveller hang on to some belongings while checking in, then just stuff them in the carry-on before boarding....I hope Jen's parents will agree to be accomplices...

Oh, I also learned that for my entire life I've been using the wrong saying. Instead of saying 'I got it all done in one fell swoop', I've been saying 'I got it all done in one foul swoop'..Well, can you blame me?? Most of the time when one swoops, a foul occurs...

Anyway, for the record...I love PEI & I love Canada, but that is what makes going away eaiser..knowing that I have such a fabulous place to call home, and fab people to return home to. Now is the time to adventure..I'm young(ish), have no committments (i.e. car, house, career or significant other), can take advantge of offers that are only for youth and will look forward to going out each and every weekend! get back to last-minute packing...this is likely my last entry for at least a week b/c..well we have things to do and people to see when we get to Edinburgh..posting on blog is dropping way down on prioirty list..finding house & job..#1 & 2.

Wish me luck..I ordered the low-calorie beal on teh airline, am starting to think this may have been a mistake..


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