Monday, May 24, 2004

Filthy McNasty's...seriously, who the heck thought up such a lovely name for a pub? Hmm...let's see..McNasty's just isn't appalling enough...let's really draw the crowds in by calling it Filthy McNasty's..this will also help potnetial custoemrs differentiate it from McDonald's, which is clearly McNasty, but not necessarily Filthy.

And so we (Jen, Bad BC Brad and myself) found ourselves singing it up at Filthy McNasty's this Friday past (Having been deprived of Thursdays' awesome Karaoke night at Belushi's, I insisted on a Friday night of singing). And so we spent the evening singing/yelling/mumbling out lyrics to such classics as Ballroom Blitz, Sweet Caroline, Old Time Rock & Roll and Sexbomb. Oh yeah..we were da bomb! truth we can't really carry notes..but what we lacked in talent we made up for in enthusiasm and sophistication. Brad became so enchanted with the whole affair that he sang Sweet Child O Mine AND Ice Ice Baby (I know, I know..we tried to stop him..but not very hard..personally I wanted to hear him do Vanilla Ice) all on his own. Well, actually the minute he got up to sing he got himself a posse of Scottish blokes singing along and asking him if he worked out. Was an interesting evening..that's all I'm saying :)

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous so, after sleeping half the day away (whoops..performing wears one out..what can I say?), we climbed Calton Hill..wich is just at the end of Princes St. and offers great views of the city. It has some big monuments that looks like the Parthenon..but, again, I suggest that if you are really interested in finding out what monuments are on Calton Hill..check out a guide book or come visit.

Oooh, ooh, but the highlight of the weekend was Saturday night when we hooked up (in a completely platonic way) with an old friend of Keri's from UPEI, Kathleen. Oddly enough we ended up at an Irish Bar (it seems I can't get away from the Iruish blokes or pubs even over here...hmmm..will have to work on that!)Right, so the band was awesome and we all developed a wee crush on the lead singer of The Mockingbirds, thus we will be visting Finnegan's Wake again in two week's time to catch their show again. All I'm saying is they definitely enjoyed having us..cause we were the only one's dancing (on occassin jumping with grat enthusiasm..PEI gals bonding,nothing better!) In the meantime..if Keri ever downloads her pics, I'll post the one we got with the band(yeah..we're just that cool that we got special permission to go up on the stage and pose with these lads).

Yesterday I got burnt..yet again..this time on the backs and sides of my legs...big splotches of red on my legs..very attractive :) Spent the afternoon in The Meadows ..5 Canadan gals. We tried (note the root word here is TRY) to play hackysack. Will not comment on my they are completely lacking.

Last night I went to a Comedy Club with Irish lad (yes, see.,.it is as I said...they are everywhere!) Anywho, it was absolutely hilarious...I was referred to as mail-order bride from Taiwan. There ya go....another case of mistaken Asian identity. Am starting to there something my parents would like to tell me???

In other, completely boring news:

Our apartment would be perfect setting for Mr. Clean advert. I honestly thought the vinyl flooring in our kitchen was sticky due to it being a different type of flooring than I was used to..but a good mopping revealed that, indeed, stickiness was merely acummulation of grime and grease of who knows how many months/years (ewww!). Hoovering/vacuuming of room also revealed excessive amounts of dust.

Keri & I are consdering the possiblity of participating in medical research (i.e. being lab rats)..if the price is right. We saw an advert at the medical library..they are conducting research on skin colurs and are especially interested in people with pale skin (hope it doesn't matter if it is presently burnt to colour of cooked lobster). So..we shall see..if it doesn't involve injections, I'm all for the name of science and money :)

Tomorrow I join the world of the working. Shall I feign excitment? Woohoo! Actually, will be nice to feel productive and make some quid. If anyone needs bags of blood/plasma, get in touch with me...I may be able to hook you up with some Scottish goods.

OK..that's enough for now..feel as though I am not living up to my usual blogging standards over here....


Anonymous said...

hhit on your blog by accident but it sounds like the place you should try out is the 3tuns rock bar in hanover street 9under bella italia) - they have a free comedy club on thursdays, a karaoke on fridays and free band nights on wednesday and saturdays. (they even do a metal club on sundays and run a dj idol competition on monday and tuesdays - where people bring along cd's and use the dj equiptment in the competition to win a holiday) it sounds right up your street!

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » »