Monday, May 03, 2004

Warning, I've discovered while writing this that it is slightly reminiscent and maybe a bit sappy..I simply could not help myself. Apologies in advance.

What an absolutely beautiful, wonderful weekend! It was just like mid-summer, with toasty temperatures, the sun shining bright, a scrumptious BBQ get togehter, a visit to the beach and, to top it all off, an ice cream cone at the Frosty Treat. Ah the Frosty Treat, K'town's claim to fame. In all honesty I still haven't figured out what makes it so much beter than all the other dairy bars....maybe its the long line-ups, the tricky parking, the 'sorry, our machine's not Flavour Bursts today'...I'm baffled, but in any case I did enjoy the visit to hometown. It is so funny when I venture back, on the rare occassion, to this little town. Suddenly I'm on the lookout for people I might know (not I want them to see me ? do I want them to recognise me?). Then there is the obligatory visit to the Petro Canada, where I am always hoping to run into Simmy..he has all the gossip on what's going down in K'town. And, of course, the drive by the old alma mater, which hasn't changed much, save for the portable classrooms (or as Keri referred to them...white pieces of crap).

I am quite sure that I will miss the Island in the summer, it's been three since I was last here. Although, in retrospect, it can be difficult to take full advantage of the Island summer unless you have two things: a car and a good-paying job w/reg hours. Was only lucky enough to have these for one summer, the rest of my Island summers (since age 15) were spent working two jobs and resting on the seventh day! So what will I miss the most: Family & friends of course, followed closely by new potatoes and fresh strawberries, the beach, Cows Ice Cream, the scenery that we may tend to take for granted too often, Canada Day celebrations, Victoria Row, driving to Cavendish (actually..driving in general0.

OK..enough of the sappiness. Officially ending sappy part of this blog now.

Now normally am not one to get excited about new compuer applications or anything of the sort, but have become intriged by Apple's new GarageBand application which says you can 'create, mix and edit your own tunes even if you can't play an instrument.' I think it may shake things up a will be interesting to see how the Record Industry handles this one. I mean...if this Garage Band application turns out to be a sophisticated as it has been touted just imagine... In a consumer marketplace where the individual's needs are becoming all important and everyone (including musicians!) is getting a bit fed up with the record industry, Garage Band may just revolutionise things.

So, have just discovered that I missed 2nd and 3rd last Freinds episodes. Was somehow lead to believe that the 4th last episode, where Rachel announces she has new job and is leaving for Paris, ws actually 2nd last. In any case..have been updated and am looking forward to last episode, which airs this Thursday. Come next Wednesday will be enjoying (?) complete lack of us gals have decided that bed, food and steady income should be priorities before considering luxuries such as tv. getting nice here again..must go enjoy the sunshine while I can!

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