Sunday, October 09, 2005

This is my last day of freedom. I've become quite accustomed to the flexibily that comes with not having a job - I can get up when I please, go to the gym when I wish and do my errands any time of the day or night. I can eat when I am hungry, and not when the clock tells me to. This will all change come Tuesday, when I'll start the ole 9-5 Monday to Friday regime again. And this routine may, at the end of the day, cost me more than it pays me.

OK, I am jumping ahaed of myself. As the result of assisting with the delivery of the Natural Step webcourse and reading a futurist's (Frank Gould -The Last Book You'll Ever Read) take on the 21st century, I am thoroughly discouraged to be entering the System again. The system traps us - it takes away our freedom, it eats up our time and it often results in a loss of energy and joy. Now don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to working in a position that will challenge me mentally and am grateful for the opportunity to be in a position where I am likely to interact with some inspirational people. What I am not looking forward to is the car payments, fuel costs, half hour commute to and from work, rigid work schedule, etc. I suspect that the job I am going to be doing from an office in Charlottetown could, for the most part, be done from home. How often do us office workers actually have a need to interact physically (mind out of gutter!). When you are emailing coworkers that sit 15 feet away - that's when you konw something is wrong with the System.

You see, every time I log on to the webcourse I am helping with, I never consider it work. I enjoy the interaction with my peers, I love being engaged in a two way communication forum that is give and take, and I love being able to accomplish all this from the comfort of my own home. This weekend past a friend of mine asked me to review auniversity paper for him - basically he was looking for an editor. I love helping peple out with this type of stuff and since I didn't have to go anywhere to do it I was mmore than happy to help. My sister has also asked me to help her revise her resume. I am starting to think there is something to the idea of being a freelancer. Not that I am charging anyone yet, I don't think I have the credentials to do that! But it's nice to know that I have some skills that other people value - it makes me feel worthwhile. And, hey I really do love helping people with anything that involves writing -especially family & friends! SO, yeah that's an invitation - take it on board if you wish!


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