Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Life = crazy/busy/fabulouso!!

I last left you in Killarney, Ireland with an entirely unacceptable post that lacked detail, wit or intrigue. What's wrong with me? Well, let me count the ways..no, actually I don't think I have that much time :)

Anywho, things I forgot to mention about my time in Spain & Ireland:


A kilogram of fresh strawberries for 90 cents!!!
Copious number of sweet shops to tempt the palette....and a candy whore.
Stu from the Calgary Zoo - so wish we'd had more time to hang out with him in Barcelona, could tell he would have been a riot
Music on the public buses - so fun!!!
Did I mention the heat and the beaches and the Spanish boys?
Oh and girls with weird mullets. Yes folks, it's back and no better than it was in the 80's.....


Two dogs being very romantic (again and again) while we ate our lunch in some remote area on the west coast.
Meeting some random English surfer dude while we ate our lunch in some remote area on the west coast.
Very cool Canadian girls at my hostel in Killarney, even more cool Canadian girls at my hostel in Kilkenny. We are everywhere - watch out!
Three random re-meetings of travellers. One girl I had met in barcelona ended up at my hostel in Killarney, one couple I met on the bus to Limerick ended up on the same bus I as on two days later going to Kilkenny. They were from France, we spoke English. One v cool Aussie girl I met at my hostel in Killarney ended up being outside the toilet that I was in at a vegetarian rstaurant in Dublin three days later. It's a small world after all!

Um..Ok, I suck. I can't think right now. The reason for this - I have just worked a 1.5 hour day, I am at the local movie store (which has Internet) and counter guy is super hot (so am trying to figure out what witty thing I can say to him when I pay for my time). So, yeah i am tired and distracted!

In other news:

I have met my new flatmate, Lindsay - she is awesome!
Keri is leaving on Sunday - for PEI!!!!!!!!!
Our new Canadian friends, Megan & Scott, have a single Irish flatmate (and its a male!)
I got my hair cut last week and then freaked. It is the shortest ever and I abhor it. I wore a hat out on Friday but that kind of backfired because they refused me entry at the Walk About unless I took my hat off (no way!! my short hair, by this point would also have been very very flat)
I am coming home in September..at least for a wee while, we shall see what new adventures await me then....

Sigh, again I must depart - i am too poor to blog people. Too poor :(

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