Saturday, May 28, 2005

11 Days! It's been 11 whole days since I last posted. Schnapple, I think that's a record! Beilev me, it has not been for lack of things to blog about,. quite the contrary I suppose. Life has been *rather* hectic as of late and what with my growing popularity as a lunchtime companion at work (yeah, Emily and I go every day now!), I've hardly had a chance to get on the Internet at all. Between flex-time, over-time, ceilidhs and dates, as well as general exhaustion, I've been kind of tied up.

Right, so this morning I woke up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to tackle some long overdue errands via the Internet - namely paying my credit card bills and seeing just how much of my Canadian funds had disappeared into the Student Loan Money Pit since I last checked. Alas, CIBC online was out of service. Blast it! So I decided I'd best check my emails, since last tiem I did manage to get on the ent I sent out a large number of emails in hopes that I would recieve some replies. Again, the forces that be were against me - Hotmail simply won't cmoeup for some reason.

So, here I am..a last resort - I will entertain myself by writnig a blog post and convince myself that maybe one or two other people may read it..and be amused or, at the very least, well informed.

So..what has been going on?

Well, last weekend saw a monumental event occur - Miss Keri Shields returned to PEI 'only for four months' she claims! In any case, she was given a proper goodbye weekend that spanned Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday we went to the Walk About because they had a cheap drinks special on. I was still bitter about being denied entry the week previous becasue I was wearing a hat. This time I was there with my hair for all to see (emily save me from further despair over my hair by putting highlights here and there...I'm sorry that was a rhyme I couldn't resist).

In any case, a good time was had at the Aussie bar and i made sure to request a song for Keri-Beri - it was between 'Is this the way to Amarillo?' and 'I hope you had teh time of your lie'. The latter being the final choice. For those of you who don't know the song 'Is this the way to Amarillo?' - lucky you. It's a remake of a song originally done in the 70's by Tony Christie (I think), but ahs beenm revived by a well-known comedian over here in aid of charity. It's a frustratingly catchy tue and you find yourself doing an on-the-spot dance that would put your own parents to shame. Best it stay on this side of the ocean - we wouldnt' want any Canadians bringing such contraban bac....

Right, well Friday night was the biggie in terms of Keri's leaving do. It started with dinner, continued with copious amountso fwine (and I speak only for myself, miss Sields was having a rare day of 'taking it easy on the liquor) and ended at a club where leather, spikes and men in mascara were the norm. That's the last you'll see of that for awhile Keri...unless you start a trend in PEI that takes over the current t-shirt, jeans and men in baseball caps trend...

Suffice to say, afer a hard night of wine-drinking and extensive chat with Megan & Scott's single, male, IRISH flatmate, I was much in favour of a low-key Saturday. So, after preparing a three-course meal for Keri's 'last supper in Edinburgh', I chilled out and watched a moive on my own while the rest of the gals got to put it in their own words 'the sh*t scared out of them' on a tour of Edinburgh's underground, haunted vaults. Kelly & Lindsay slept together.

Sunday was another relaxing day (see a trend here). Eventually I made my way into town, only to run into an Irish bloke I had met via Ailbhe (my Irish friend) the week before. I anticipated a five minute - hey, how are ya? conversation. Two hours, two pints and a sore stomach (from laughing so much) later, we headed back to the flat where I introduced the funniest guy I have met as of yet, to Kelly & Lindsay. A riot.

Monday = nothing exciting

Tuesday = drinks with Ailbhe

Wednesday = Desperate Housewives

Thursday = date with Irish bloke (Megan & Scott's flatmate, not the 'most hilarious one', but definitely a contender for second place)

Friday = ceilidh with the girls! Return to Filthy McNasty's, where I am happyt o report that Don still remembered me and unhappy to report that all the hot bartenders aer gone and only the ass named Ruarie remains.

Today = I am here. Woohoo.

In other news - I am booking a flight home for Sept 11th. I am probably not coming back to Scotland after that...unless circumstances change. We have a load of people staying with us over the next week. Hostel Canon Street is re-opening for business after prolonged lack of business.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,

Good to hear from you. I was wondering what was up. Great to hear you're coming home. Are you planning on staying on the island or are you unsure?


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