Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A big thank you to Anne! I am using her day pass at EasyNet to do some major emailing and researching. That being said, I've only a few minutes to blog because I have a date tonight...a date with the T.V. and Desperate Housewives.

Funnily enough I almost did have a date tonight..a date with an Irish lad (just take a bloody guess what his name was!?!? Yep, you got it), but apparently when a guy asks for your number, suggests going for dinner mid-week and then DOES NOT attempt to 'walk you home', he's really just not that into you?!?! Am I going crazy? I thought the logic was more like - if he 'walks you home', then asks for your number, you can expect a no-call. But a respectable, polite lad who doesn't actually ask for anything but your number and sees you only as far as the doors of the pub? Hmm...there's something about the Irish I will never understand..not that this will stop me from trying. Everyone now indicates that, in addition to my candy addiction, I am on the verge of being known as an Irish-aholic. Ah well, what can ya do? Worse things happen at sea!

Anyways, its been a mad week and a bit - from O/T at work to craziness in the nights & weekends! Last Thursday we went on a literary pub crawl - the tour guides led us from pub to pub and treated us to verses from some of the best and most famous Scottish writers/poets. It was an enjoyabel evening, save for the fact that most of it was not spent inside the pubs, but just outside them or between them! The best thing was meeting a cool Canadian coupl, whom we've decided we are going to harass until they agree to be friends with us.

Friday night Jen, Emily, Kelly & I hopped up to the Walk About for some tunes. The live band was awesome, although their lead guitarist was nowhere near as cute as Blue Moose's !! It was a great night - I finally concluded that Old Guy is not attractive at all - infatuation over and out!

Saturday we decided to do a Scottish lunch and went to the Conan Doyle for Haggis Neeps & Tatties - OMG - it was sooo good!! Afterwards, Kelly and I went to ASDA for some American shopping. I learned a valuable lesson - one should always try on a bathing suit before buying it and tankinis are NOT flattering on anyone who lacks a washboard stomach.

Saturday night we had some gals, and one lucky dude, over to our house for some pre-drinks, then headed out on the town. WE started off at a rather 'alternative' bar called Opium - I wasn't wearing enough leather to feel comfortable, so headed for Drop Kick Murphy's, where we rounded out the night by singing Amarill....Is this the way to Amarilla??

Sunday I finally made it inside the Edinburgh Castle - it was a free weekend, so us cheapies were raring to go. It was good, but I am glad I didn't pay 8 quid ot get in - nothing can compare to the castle I saw in Carcassonne. We did see the Stone of Destiny though, and the War Museum was amazing.

Monday night was a potluck at Beth's - nothing amazing to report here - I ate a lot, surprise, surprise.

And here it is the middle of the week already. This time next week I'll be packing for Spain and sunshine. I'll try to blog again before then.

SISTER SAHRA - I will send you a postcard - can you pick up some refills from Caryl Baker asap???? Money will be wired to your account via the banking services of Mother Teresa :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'll pick up your goods, two? I'll also need your mailing address!

Have fun in Spain, three postcards are acceptable:)

Anonymous said...

Aaaahhhh what to say???? I'm busy. Weather is great. Going to Halifax on the sixth of May for a week. Your trip to Spain sounds more interesting than mine so have a great time.
LOL Daddy

Anonymous said...

Hi Shan:

Uncle Mike here. Sorry I haven't kept in touch. I am just reading your blog for the first time in a couple of months. So sorry to hear you have been feeling blue and wondering what to do with your life.

Believe it or not everybody has been through those periods in life and from my experience somebody or some experience will come along and make you forget all about being in the doldrums.

I see you are thinking of working on a cruise ship? I saw an ad here that they are looking for people to work on cruise ships in my favorite place..... HAWAII. You should keep traveling and seeing as much of the world as you can while you are young. Some day soon you will get tied down by responsibilities and the opportunity to just go where you please when you please will be gone.

Talk to you soon.

Love ya


Anonymous said...

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