Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Back so soon? Yes, sadly my evening is just that bland that I've landed at Easy Net Cafe. OK...not really true. IN fact, I was way overdue on checking my hotmail (more birthday wishes recieved..how i love a never-ending birthday!) and wasn't able to make it home in time to join the gals in spectating Brandon's softball game. Sigh..the plight of the working woman who goes to the gym after work and then has an hour long commute in the evening. Crikey! I've got to do something about that.

In any case, I am staying late at work in order ot avoid rush hour and also trying to do 45 mins cardio/day at the gym. Generally I don't make it home until 7, then I have to make supepr, shower and make lunch for the next day. SO..essentially I may have 2 hours of free time in a night. Such a routine is tolerable at the moment because I am loving life outside of work and variance of weekends makes up for it all, but I can't imagine such a way of life day in and day out for the next forty years./ I know a lot of people do it, but I'm pretty sure ther is a better way..actually I know there are better ways (like maybe working form home or being an entrepreneur), but enough career talk. I am in Scotland for adventures life lessons...this is just one of many I have already absorbed.

Right..so yeah, now that you know hte ins and outs of my daily routine I suppose you aren't one bit envious? Well, let me assure you the pluses outweight teh minues by a large margin. Every choice has its tradeoffs right? For now, lack of career development is only major tradeoff. Ah well.

Geez..what the heck? I thin I just lectured. Ew..how grotesque. Sorry.

DId I mention it is getting dark here much earlier than when we arrived. I am v. much not looking forward ot sunsets at 3.00 in the afternoon. On the other hand...pubs are much, much more atmospheric when it is dark outside. Suppose I'll just have ot hole up at the C Bar when it gets dark and damp out.

Bloody fireworks..twice every night they shoot fireworks off from the castle. EVery time I hear them I think its thunder or shots being fired. I've yet to actually see fireworks..oh OK I saw them 1 night, but most nights its been too foggy to see across the bridge that connects New Town to Old Town, let along actually see the castle.

Hmmmmmm...in case Grand is reading this:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! AND MANY MORE! I could have sung that..wait, I will sing that at karaoke this weekend. Anyways, here's hoping your birthday rocks and we'll be by to figure out the birthday bash plans for the weekend. (BTW - never got that email from you..see my address at top of the page)

RIght..as final note. I still am not receiving emails from people that I am quite sure are reading my blog. AM I ever going to stop harping about this lack of email? Nope. I want two way communication people!! Now some of you have been absolutely fabulous about the whole correspondence thing, and i thank you. FOr all others..please see my email address at the top of this blog and write about life at your end. I'd love to hear from y'all!