Friday, August 27, 2004

At 12.26 (AST), 24 years ago today a wee little problem was brought into this world and they (the parents) christened her Keri Shields (Keri like the lotion, Shields like the...well you know).

Today, 24 years later she finds herself living it up in Edinburgh, Scotland (Quite possibly she was banished from the Riviere du Francoise where she grew up for lack of poshness or dislike of lobster…)

In any case, this Shanadian wants to wish Keri the Bestest Birthday Ever!!! Being 24 does have its perks, as I’ve learned over the past 17 days..there are certain things one can get away with at 24 that would be considered unthinkable if done by a 23 year old. Enjoy our day and those ‘couple’ of re-work drinks. If you make it past a couple of sips I will be impressed. Here’s hoping you have a Grand day, we will do our best to ensure this happens! Heart ya :)


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