Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Back so soon? yes, yes I am just that dedicated to telling you all about the weekend...although it should be noted that Miss Fabulosuly JEn has trumped me this time..kudos to her for the longest blooody blog post I've ever actually enjoyed reading the entire length of :) You rule JEn.

Right, so if you want you can just pop over and read her rendiditon of the weekend's events..of course it won't be mine and there are bound to be some differences in detail and focus..but..sigh ..if you must desert me..then...sniff sniff..go now and don't worry about me, I'll be ok in Shanlonely Land.

OK .enough guilt tripping, for those of you who have loyally stuck by this Shanadian I bring you Part B of THE PAST WEEKEND:

Hmm...so where did I leave off? Ah yes, with my driving debacle, which. incidentlally Jen as kind enough to make minimal mentio of and when she did she always made it seem like all three of us were equally responsible for getting lost, etc. The truth of the matter is it was all ME :)

Anywho, so back to the actual trip itself. Here is how it went down (after we finally got the heck out of Edinburgh):

We drove towards our first destination- Perth..supposedly only 1 hour away. I panicked a wee bit when I coudln't figure out the wipers and it began lashing rain... JEn got v. excited when she saw sign advertising Car Boot Sale in Kinross. Now, despite decieving name, this was not a sale of cars or boots, but a bona fide flea market, complete with other people's junk and our treasures. It was absolutely massive and we basically had to run our way thru it as people were starting to pack things back into their boots (OK, OK..enough of the suspense..a boot in the UK is actually a trunk..so is not like that cars have rubber boots on or anything) . In any case, we scored big time at the car boot sale, picking ourselves up a microwave for the bargain price of £4!!! THis is £21 cheaper than we would have got it from Argos, therefore I deduced that it pretty much made up for the extrea insurance we got dinged by the freaking car rental (excuse me..HIRE)  agency  in Edinburgh.

Argh..again with the time...you'd be surprised how long it takes to write one of these things...promise to continue tomorrow.

Woohoo -  I FINALLY got my tax back from Ireland..only 3 months late!!!

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