Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Quickie!

So I'm back in Kingston and well into my second semester of grad school. Despite a 50% decrease in my course load (I'm taking one course this semester compared to two last semester), I am finding myself much busier and have been very much neglecting my writing and artist.   The reasons I am busier are many, but primarily it is because I'm in a position now to really dive into my thesis research on local food systems, and because I have a teaching assistantship for an undergraduate course  (Global Food Security, a 3rd year Env. Sciences course).  Besides that, I've been spending a lot of time at the gym and with friends.  

January has brought many firsts and wonderful surprises!  Amongst those worth mentioning, I've started doing yoga on a regular basis, as well as given Pilates a try.  Oh, and last weekend I went indoor climbing for the first time ever  - it was awesome and I intend to return to The Boiler Room as often as my schedule and wallet will allow!   In great news - I found out I've been awarded a SSHRC scholarship. Oddly, I applied for it last fall (i.e. 2007)  and not received word that I'd been awarded one, so reapplied a couple of months ago and just found out my application had been forwarded by Queen's. Literally the next day I got a call from UPEI telling me I'd been awarded last year's scholarship due to extra funding availability! Eek - it's all rather confusing but in the end it's basically FABULOUS news and I'm elated!! 

Oh, this month also meant a chance to take part in a workshop hosted by TV Ontario's  The Agenda with Steve Pakin.    The subject of the day was Ontario's Economy and Agriculture. It was such a great day and I loved the format of the workshop - an 'Open Spaces' concept where the participants determined what would be discussed during the day. There were four time slots throughout the day and about 12 different 'conversations' going on at any one time about things like  The 100 Mile Diet, Government Regulatory Hurdles, How to Attract Young People to Farming, etc.  It was v. enlightening and interesting to see the diversity of people invested in Ontario's agricultural future.  I have been convinced that I MUST work on a community supported agriculture venture this summer!  

On another interesting note - I have changed my hair again....somewhat drastically. I am now a redhead of sorts, although no one would ever mistake me for being a natural ginger!  Ha.   

Hmmmm....I suppose that's pretty much all that January has brought me thus far. If January is any sign of how 2009 is going to unfold I have to say, I am exceptionally lucky and grateful for all the fortunes that have been bestowed upon me.  A year ago, I was uncertain about whether my future would be as a grad student, an English teacher in Korea, a working holiday maker in New Zealand or an employee of UPEI, but now that this new chapter of my life is unfolding with such brilliance, I know that this is where I am supposed to be at this moment in my life.  

Last night I was out with a large group of friends and a few of us were talking about relationships, etc. One of the girls related how her father had told her most people listen to what's going on in their head, or what their heart is feeling, but often ignore their 'gut'. It is so true -we have far too little respect for our intuition.  We doubt ourselves far too often, second guessing what we instinctively know to be the truth.  This holds not just for relationships, but for every facet of life and, most notably, in terms of following our dreams/passions.  So I am making a promise to myself that I will continue to rely on my intuition to direct my path into the future.  It helps that my family is supportive of whatever decisions I make in life and that my closest friends (old and new) are inspirational people that are following their intuition and living out their dreams.   


Rob said...

Dear Ginger!
So happy to hear that you are so happy
Hugs Rob

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
I came across your weblog by surfing on blogspot. Its interesting that u are a grad student at Kingston cuz I'm in the same position , except that I'm an Engineer. u may like to see the Kingston life in an Iranian point of view.