Monday, February 19, 2007

Cadbury, Convicts & Chinese New Year - Part Two

On Saturday morning Sara and I explored the famed Salamnca Markets where sellers come to tote their wares - crafts, organic foods, etc. It was enjoyable enough, but unless you have money and some way to transport things home, it's not really a necessity to visit.

WE picked up our rental car and headed towards the Tasman Peninsula - as far south as you can go in Australia. The peninsula is home to Port Arthur, where some of the worst convicts from England were sent in exile. It is also home to a horrible massacre that took place about 10 years ago when a local guy killed 35 people.

On our way to Port Arthur we stopped at a Strawberry U-Pick and, well, picked some strawberries of course ! The Tasman Peninsula was gorgeous reminded me a lot of the Isle of Arran in Scotland - mountains and valleys - v. picturesque and unspoiled.
I waited while Sara explored Port Arthur then we hopped in the car and went to a few lookout points and a beach. Back in Hobart we went out for Indian curry then called it a night.

Sunday we headed up to Launceston. Originally this was meant to only be a stopover on our way to a little village called Derby where we were going to do some Helpxing, but teh woman didn't want us to come until Monday and this really didn't make any sense financially, so we are now staying for the week with a family here in Launceston that need helpers. Yvonne, the single mom who runs the house, is v. much a fan of Asian culture and, in fact, lived there for four years. She has a lot of young asisn females that stay here.

When she picked us up on Sunday afternoon we headed to a Chinese New Year picnic where we were fed loads of yummy food including a massive quantity of asian dumplings. Apparently it's a tradition and I wasn't going to argue.

So we are now settled into a suburb of Launceston and helping out with a bit of household stuff. Yesterday we ventured down to the Cataract Gorge where there is a huge swimming pool and the river set against a breathtaking vista of cliffs.

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