Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Prost, Slainte, Cheers!!

Another month at Citibank has been secured. I am starting to question the path I am leading myself down. Before coming to Oz I made a promise to myself that I would push the boundaries, try things outside of my comfort zone. Because, really what's the point of going to a different country and living a life that you could basically lead in your home country? Argh. And yet I have fallen into the trap and am relatively happy with my day-to-day life at the moment. Yes, I am working for a big corporation and yes, I do spend most of my weekends going out on the town and being somewhat lazy, but I'm happy to be doing that...for now.

The question is - for how long will this routine cut it? Am I to spend my entire time Down Under living in a big city that's so American it has Krispy Kreme outlets. Of course, I know I can't let this happen. So I won't. There. Easily said and easily done. Just have to decide when to break loose. Of course, I just have to decide when to leave Sydney and Citibank in the dust.

OK sorry that has been weighing on my mind a bit. ..

Another week has passed by, another week closer to summer. Not that it really matters as it's already bloody hot here and am starting to realise why so many people decide to immigrate here....

This weekend I had a blast (again). Friday night was usual drinks/workmates then I went out w/some new friends to the Opera Bar. Eventually we found ourselves in The Rocks. ( Yes, folks, there is actually an area in Sydney called 'The Rocks' and it's a pretty posh area just under the Harbour Bridge. The AUssies are so unpretentious that way - they just call things as they see them The ski resorts are simply referred to as 'The Snow'. You will randomly hear Aussies saying they are going to 'The Snow', as if it's some sort of event)

At The Rocks we found ourselves at an Irish inspired pub/hotel, complete with a two person Irish band. A good time was had and then it was time to go home. Walking throught the Rocks we passed three bars just about to close and all three were closing their doors to the tune of Sweet Home Alabama. I kid you not.

Saturday I tried to jog but it was too hot, so I went to Paddy's market and bought a pineapple and ate it all in one go. Yummy. Spent the afternoon wandering down towards the harbour and eventually found myself back at the Irish pub - this time alone. I decided it was time to take the plunge and have a drink at a bar alone. My drink of choice, pathetically, was Diet Coke.

After a lonely drink at the Irish pub, I was happy to head to the German restaurant where I was meeting some random people for dinner and Oktoberfest celebrations. And yes the celebrations included big big glasses of German beer and a three man band that played lots of 'Umpa' inspired tunes, including the chicken dance. I dragged another girl up and we did the dance with the staff - the ones who were getting paid to dance around like fools!

Eventually ended up at another hotel/bar in the Rocks and danced my butt off to some brilliant live music - many Australian songs were learned (but not retained).

Sunday all I could do was go ot the beach. It was beautiful. That's all I have to say...

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