Thursday, January 05, 2006

Random thoughts from a bogged-down blogger's bendable, binary brain.:

  • Cars suck. Cars especially suck when they have to be repaired. Repairs especially suck when they will set teh car owner back by half a grand. SPending half a grand on car repairs really really sucks when you don't even know if you will have a job to drive the car to within two weeks.
  • January 23rd is my D-day. As in Decision Day - to take back the MP3 player I bought or not, to get my car repaired or not, to hop on the next plane to Oz or not. Yes, folks, January 23rd is indeed an important date for this Shanadian, whose budget does not take into account the possibility of having no job to go to in the aftermath of election 2006.
  • In good news, I have found my new favorite CD - Jack Johnson's 'In Between Dreams'. I am also finding myself rather partial to Elton John as of late (I blame it on the inhalation of mass quantities of hairspray). Your Song and Tiny Dancer are especially addictive. Sigh, memories....
  • I love that I am getting fit. It was hard going for a little while, when I wasn't seeing results, but now that I've got the eating under control I am loving the results my workouts are showing. 15 pounds to go adn 5 weeks to Disney World - hello bathing suit shopping (again, dependent on Jan 23)
  • Robbie Burns Night is soon! I wish I was in Scotland for it, but they are having celebrations here on little ol' PEI, so may get my dancing shoes on and save my appetite for some slimming haggis...
  • Creative Writing class with Lesley Anne again! Yah! I love being back at 'school' and I love that there are other alumni and I am most definitely not the oldest person in the class. Holy hannah though - four reports?!?!? On top of weekly writing submissions! I may have to take a hiatus from the blogging so I can do some 'real' in stuff that I would not be embarassed to read in front of 14 peers. Ahem.
  • Um, yeah OK I guess that's about it for now folks. This weekend will be a busy one with King Kong, Little Christmas and lots of writing to be done.

Thanks to those from foreign lands who called or sent Christmas cards that I just recieved - much appreciated. For the record, PEI is 4 hours behind GMT if anyone from over there wants to call ..make it late night your end and you may catch me !! OH and if anyone wants to call me but doesn't have my number, just email me :)

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