Monday, March 21, 2005

I feel like my head is detached from the rest of my body..flotaing somwhere up there...way high up. gotta love cold medicine...the square/poor/sick person's ticket to elation. I've been sick for the last few days, but somehow made it work today, only to find, apparetnly, I don't look too good. Comments ranged from 'you look so pale' to 'you look rather flushed'. And NO, I did not apply blusher between time these comments were made. Anyways, Emily assured me I didn't loo THAT bad. Hmmmm. Mental note not to look in mirror tonight.

So, I am off to Sweden in two days! Crazy hectic - got some of it sorted , like my hostel and bus to Glasgow, but most of it is still 'unplanned'. I am refraining from going into manic overdrive planning mode like I 'may' be known to do on occassion. All I want from this trip is some R& R..and maybe to meet a Swede of the male persuasion.

K...well that's it for now, bloody Internet cafe. Hope all is well..catch ya in Scandinavia (hopefully!)

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