Thursday, February 24, 2005

I think I am having a quarter-life crisis. When I first mentioned this fear to a close relative the response was laughter. OK, OK, maybe I have a tendency to be melodramatic but really I am completely and utterly lost.

Up until now life has been pretty simple, but suddenly without confines of university to direct my goals, I fear I may lose sight of what it I want to achieve in this lifetime or even this decade. Or maybe teh problem is that I don't know what I want to achieve, I just have a sickening feelings that I should already be on the road to achieving whatever it is I want and, well, let's face it, the job & place I am in at the moment are not realising that desire at all. OK, so I am living in a different continent & country adn that's a pretty big thing I guess, but teh novelty of that has worn off. I need a new direction. Gads!! Does anyone else my age feel this way???

But you know what I refuse to do? I refuse to go home and find myself a nice, secure job just for the sake of it. Now, mind you I know some people have great, secure jobs and are quite happy with that, but for me, I am pretty sure that jumping into secure job at this point would do only one thing - chain me down. I've seen it happen again and again - someone wants to leave their job/move/go back to university/go travelling but they think they can't do that without losing out on security of great job. They are only willing to make change if there is absolute guarantee that new prospect wil bring greater happiness/succes/security. Ha - no guarantees in life I am afraid. So won't even think about putting myself in pposition where I could start thinking like that...dangerous stuff it is - could spend one's life wanting to do things, but never getting around to doing them.

So, you see my conundrum - I can't go on in limbo because I feel insignificant and unsuccessful, but I will not jump into career until I know it is the right for me

Good grief- what a rant - I gues si have been thinking a lot about this lately. A LOT! So, with that in mind, I have decided to see what I might gain from heading to Sweden in 2006 for a Masters Progam in the Natural Step. Of course, I'd have to be accepted, but its free (no tuition anyways) and it si just up my alley. Check out this link if you are curious.

In Other Les Preachy, But Still as Ranty News:

It is snowign in Venice & Madrid. Um..hello?? how can people still deny that global climate changes are happening all around us??? OK, admittedly strange weather phenomena have happened throughout histroy, but I think its safe to say the extrememity and frequency of crazy weather in recent years warrants serious attention.

IN totally related news - Edinburgh citizens recently voted NO to the proposed introduction of a congestion charge of £2 for entering the city during the work week. Now, being a student of business, I can completley relate with concerns that business owners have and, having been a motorist, I can completely understand how frustrating this would be for them BUT I think this needs to happen.

Basically a congestion charge is like a User Fee that punishes people who are polluting the environment and rewards those that use more ecologically friendly alternatives. Motorists could car-pool to reduce costs and revenue would be invested into improving Public Transport, further encouraging peopel to get out of their cars and onto buses/trains.

I don't know - I'll admit I didn't like it when I had to pay 15 cents per grocery bag in Ireland as a User Fee, but then I looked around and saw how it was affecting people's shopping habits - there were plenty more cloth bags and more stuffing of items into fewer bags.

I know it seems unfair on a lot of levels and I'd be the first the be suspicous of whether revenues would really be used efficiently & effectively, but if, at the end of the day, it encourages pepole to change their habits and promotes a better environment then I say 'Yes' (except I couldn't because I am not a resident persay)

OK -well so much for long and boring least I am trying to keep my mind off other things..that is what this is - an attempt to defeat my heart from taking over my head all the time!!!

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