Friday, October 22, 2004

Blimey..I don’t blog for two days and a blood relative queries via email as to why? While I wish I could say it’s because life has been just soooo hectic I couldn’t even find the time to eat, but, alas that is not the case.I have been eating just fine. The reason for lack of blogging is, for the most part, because my mid-week days were rather boring. The other reason is because I am seriously considering going on strike from the blogging thing until I get some decent emails from blog readers…not just replies to my emails, but actual emails initiated by y’all. How else am I to know what is going on with you? In particular, I would love to hear from the following sparse-communicators: Andrew (since I am sure he has lots of news about his new home in Calgary) Becky Coffin, Constable Mintie-Fresh, Schemida (although she did just reply to an email I sent so is in the good books for a few weeks!), Chris my Kitchen B*tch #1, and, well, pretty much everyone else who has access to an email account and time in the day/night (if you are working for the gov’t I KNOW you have time!!!)

Other random thoughts, opinions or news:

6 and ½ weeks until I go home for my 5-week stint. Can’t wait for Christmas in Canada!

Something is kind of fishy at work today. Literally. Our office has a disctintly fishy smell, which all the women have noticed. Some men came down earlier to rectify the smell-problem. I’m pretty sure they thought we were all a bit daft and imagining things b/c they didn’t smell anything (they sprayed something on the carpets anyway). In conclusion I would say women have a better sense of smell, but does this mean that we necessarily have to smell better?

Last night I heard a quote that I just love – very fitting for the moment I am in right now. OK, first off, I must admit that I was watching Princess Diaries and that is where the quote came from (and yes, if you are wondering, the DVD came from good ol Glasgow Pirates). Right, so here is the quote:

The brave may not live forever, but the cautious never live at all.’

In a similar vain, here are some other quotes with a similar message.

There is as much risk in doing nothing as there is in doing something.’
‘The greater the risk, the greater the return.’

K, new subject!

Yes, Mom, payment time does suck, especially when one is repaying Student Loans, yet currently finding her degree of no use whatsoever (except that she’s been able to maintain student status and continues to receive discounts at the movies).

Keri & Jen are going to Disneyland in November. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to indulge in a £200 2-day trip to Paris (see above for main monetary issue). I am slightly jealous, but have decided that, in the new year, I will make the most of my 49 holidays (yep..that’s right, with public holidays, annual entitlement and flex-days, I can take off 49 days!!)

Tonite we are saying our final final goodbyes to Kathleen Duncan, who heads back to Canada after almost 2 years in this fair city. We will miss her!

K..that’s all I can blog now…have fun, stay safe and, if you haven’t done so already, get out there and buy up some yummy Hallowe’en candy. Eat it without any feeling of guilt, because mini-packs don’t contain any calories or fat!!