Monday, June 14, 2004

OK..I have ten minutes left on my lunch hour *really only 30 mins..but anywho),so will ssee how much I can type. Theoretically I can type 58 words per minute so should eb able to type 580 words, but must factor in time to think, edit, post and minute already down. apologies in advnace if this blog post makes no sense whatsoever (unlike all my other blog posts whicha re wonderfully construcuted and completly absent of spelling mistakes, half sentences and ...'s). You will have to forgive this Sleepless she is operating on 2 hours of sleep. Yep, that's right...2 whole hours..from approximately 4.30 to 6.30 in teh am of this lovely MOnday morning (note to anyone woho may be gets light around 4.00 a.m...JEnw as plannignto stay up some time to find out..well have now saved her the trouble).

N,normally such absence of sleep would be accompanied by Shandalous tale of me up to some sort of Shananigans,but, sadly, this was not the case on this particluar occassion. Was tucked under the covers by midnight. Perhaps mid-afternoon nap was not best idea...nor is thinking....or drinking Diet Coke in the late hours...that's all I'm saying.

On positive note..productivity at work has actually increased today..go figure.My is so mind-numbing that person doing work (that would be ME) should essentially lack any and all ability to process real thoughts (that is me TODAY only!!) While I am proud of productivity I am already starting to question teh point..have just beendelivered another pile of CEC's to do.teh workis never ending..the salary stays the starting to understand how piecework pay can be motivator..will have to suggest this to HR. All in good time :) Best wait till I get my first paycheque and/or become indispensible to business before making such suggestions.

Quick recap of weekend (realy quick as I have one minute left!!)

Friday = mini pub crawl

Saturday = outing to Stirling where WIlliam Wallace defended Scotland from the English. Met up with gals from PEI and climbed 267 steps to top of Wallace monument. Reutrn to Edinburgh for evening out..Easy Drinking Whisky is really quite easy to drink..good night had by all

Sunday = Free Improv show, sleeping, shopping at newly discovered Tescoa dn watching football gameat McNasty's (am feeling need to post about sports and NHL results..but wil have to wait until tomorrow..back to productivity for me!)

Not bad for ten mins eh?

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