Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Egads! Transatlantic discount airlines are popping up like groundhogs in Ottawa! Check out the latest airline, Zoom which offers flights between London and six Canadian cities. Good grief, it's likeWal-Mart has taken to the skies.

I finished Fast Food Nation. Great book. Will never eat a Happy Meal again. Anywho, one of the big winners at the Sundance Film Festival was Morgan Spurlock for his documentary Super Size Me. Looks like eating McDonald's food for one month straight isn't all that appetizing of a journey. Seriously though, why are all these geneticists trying to a find a fat gene? If there were a fat gene, wouldn't there have been a proportionate number of obese people throughout history? But there haven't been..and the number of fat people keeps on growing. I've said it before, I'll say it again - Pizza Hut gives you Pizza Butt.

And now a little free publicity for my friend Becky, who is living it up down under in the fair city of Auckland, NZ. I've made a link to her web log, it is hilarious. Even if you don't know this razzly-dazzly gal, it's damn good reading. And if you're having a bad day at work, well it certainly lifts your spirits when you read of Becky's adventures in filing and her slight difficulties understanding the accent on the phone.

So go forth to her web log. And I promise, I truly do, that mine will get more regular and (crossing fingers) more interesting once I head out on my next adventure, in the middle of May. Not that you should stop visiting my web log in the meantime, I want to company..oh, let's face it, I want the attention.

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