Monday, January 26, 2004

Monday afternoon and I am (again) sitting in the computer lab of the Kelley building (3rd floor if you want to visit). The beginning of the last week of January and the end of the first month in 2004. Egads! Random thoughts of the day so far:

Vegetarianism is seeming more and more attractive as I make my way through 'Fast Food Nation'. I will never think of hamburgers the same way and I am missing Linda McCartney's veggie burgers, only available on the other side of the Atlantic :(

Short hair cuts = major maintenance. I know, I hardly seems rational that shorter hair would take MORE time to mantain than long hair, just take my word for it and never take teh scissors above the shoulder unless you want to live a permanent and, occassionally, hair-pulling existence. Honestly, how many of you with long tresses can atest to going through a bottle of hair product a week, or a haircut every five weeks.

Ringo Star is 63..he will be 64 in July. Will have to start scoping out trivia venues where they have the right answers.

Movie to watch this week: Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! I'm sorry, I know it's a 'romantic comedy' (a.k.a cheesy chick flick), but sometimes, in the absence of real-life happy endings, one wants to be comforted by the hope that sometimes things do work out right. Plus..there are two cute guys in it (including Eric from That 70's Show) so how can it be bad?

Book to read this week: The Support Economy, for my webcourse. It's quite interesting so far, really quite revealing. Also aiming to finish Fast Food Nation..we'll see how that goes, considering American Idol and Mr. Hamilton are already scheduled :)

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